Worst ever, any where and by any company


To use a standard phrase of USAA, "this will take 2-3 Business Days". The process to become a member of USAA after they have you money is the worse ever. I started march the 4th and decided it's NOT worth it today March 28th. They have everything they need including my money and I can't get it back "this will take 2-3 Business Days". 


If anyone else can read this this company DO NOT care about those that fight for freedom, JUST YOUR MONEY..


Stop crying! There is procedures and policies like any other bank. I have not had a problem yet I have been a member for almost a year. Love it!

I have been a member of USAA for 30+ years and I am here to tell you that you will be disappointed.  This is not the USAA of great decency, customer care, and fairness from days of old.  This is a USAA that will switch your home loan or your home equity loan to a poorly rated loan servicer with only a few weeks notice, in a deal for themselves that brings them lots of benefits and brings the USAA customer no benefits whatsoever.  Its all about them.  I got a home loan from USAA years ago and I expected it would stay USAA, but no, they switched it off to one loan servicer after another, all of which had many negative reviews. I think one even ended up in legal trouble, another was accused of trying to manipulate people into foreclosure.  USAA is so caring to get your loan, but then after that, they shuffle you off to loan servicers who save them from responsibility for you.  Recently they switched my Home Equity loan from USAA to another servicer with many bad reviews.  There are allegations this servicer changed their name to hide bad reviews and my research on the internet seems to indicate that too.  I was paid ahead until September on that HEL and the new servicer immediately changed the date of my next payment to due this month, even after several USAA "customer representatives and advocates" (what a joke), assured me that wouldn't happen.  In addition USAA posted a disclaimer stating they are not responsible for the privacy policies of the new shady loan servicer.  When I went online to pay my loan payment on a Saturday I was greeted with an announcement from the new shady servicer that their website was down for maintenance for the entire weekend, a common ploy to earn them more late payment fees.  For homeowners insurance they will jack your rates sky high if they cover you at all.  If you want that analyzed, you have to pay $125 for their inspector to come out, and who knows if they are in cohoots or not and the inspector may find additional ways for USAA to gouge you.  That would not surprise me.  You can find many negative reviews of USAA if you research them.  There are also many reviews of how they will total out your car based on a cut rate estimate after an accident to keep from repairing it at a higher cost even though it's value is more than the repair costs.  One time when my SUV was broken into and a window was broken out, instead of giving me a rental car, the adjuster told me to just tape a plastic garbage bag over the opening, which would of course block my vision and also make it easier for another hoodlum to break into the vehicle.  I had to call in a very no nonesense complaint to get treated better than a third rate insurance company would treat a customer.  They also refused to cover an expensive radar detector.  

Seriously dude? Have you tried calling and speaking to someone? You can get a person on the phone who will help you within seconds unless there's a wait, which has only happened to me once in 5 years.
Yeah im going to have to blow the BS whistle on this one.
USAA has so many advantages over other institutions. I agree with an earlier comment - call if you have an issue. They will go out of their way to help you.

They used to go out of their way to help, but times have changed.  We used to also have a subscribers savings account payment each year that was meaningful.  I am not sure but  but I feel that their greed may have changed that formula too.

Its not 2014 anymore.

I call them all the time for various services, advice, etc. and they not only answer quickly every single time, but they go out of their way to help me out. I had a question about car insurance and the woman on the phone couldn't answer the question, but she called me back within 10 minutes with everything I needed. It's never taken them more than 2-3 business days to process any of the paperwork I've submitted. Been a member since 2010. I'll never bank with anyone else.
I certainly can understand your frustrations! !! Would you rather be told 27-2910 buisness days??? This is what most banks tell you to be honest. USAA turn around time is faster than ANY OTHER Banks. So my suggestion to you would be to try and exercise your patience a little. My spouse are members of USAA for 18 years. So we've experienced a lot. Believe me, this bank is the better choice!!!