Worst customer service in Banking department!!!!!


Banking customer service is the worst!!!!! Tried to add wife to account 3 weeks later get a later saying she can't be added no reason why, and a copy of the signature amend paperwork. Get on with customer service they tell me the signature amend wasn't signed and dated. Ok i am in disbelief because I know it was signed and dated, so I check the paperwork while on with the customer service representative and sure enough it was signed and dated. I explain it to the rep and they still say its not signed and dated, I explained I am looking at the copy right now that USAA mailed to my house with the denial letter and it is signed and dated. They come back with please upload the documents and I will take care of it, I upload the copy they mailed to my house and they comeback and say oh you need to have your wife call us. I ask why she lied about the signature and got the answer of I was mistaken. Mistaken really? This was the worst experience I have ever gotten from USAA for them to straight up lie and not help me out I was in complete disbelief.


Hello @CharlieMurphy176, I do understand your concerns regarding this. I have escalated this for review. -Colleen