Worst company, deceiving liars, and don't care about the customer at all

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my recent dealing with USAA has left me embarrassed to call myself a USAA member. They should take USA out of their name as they are a disgrace to this great country.
I have been lied to on all levels of the organization. I have been made offers that they refuse to uphold. I have been provided continuous inaccurate and untrue information. I have been provided documents to sign that were fraudulent and then suddenly switched to correct paperwork when I called them out on it.
The endless stream of lies and deceit continues at every level and all they care about is trying to cover things up.
I have spoken to 4 different "highest levels" and still no attempt to understand and rectify how they have wronged their customer.
Stuart Parker should be ashamed of himself for driving a good company into the bowels of complete garbage. He does not care about his members. Except trying to take every last penny from their members.
Word to the wise, record every conversation you have with them. Document everything and have a lawyer at the ready.


This most certainly isn't how we want our members left feeling and I will have a subject matter expert look into this situation and reach back out to you. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. - Ralph

This is the same response ice gotten from everyone but talk is cheap. DO SOMETHING!
I really am sorry to see another member living in this USAA nightmare. I can say that this experience has taught me a VERY important lesson about trust.... No matter how long you've had a relationship with anyone/company....Things change and one day the good gets replaced with the bad and you are only left with one feasible choice in order to ensure a brighter future for you and your's. .....
The issue is that Stuart Parker is allowing the company to lie, cheat, and steal and he couldn't be bothered with the concerns of the members. The issues are at the top. The right leader would not allow this to happen. Unfortunately, he is far from a leader.
Still no reply from USAA
For those keeping track, still no response from USAA. This is the customer service level that I have come to expect now with this company. It is very telling how little they really care about their members and how much they will cover up their lies.


I will forward your comments and request a status of your situation. Thank you. -Cynthia

Cynthia - Why not respond with a contact number to someone in your Texas (actual physical) branch? Where do we go for complaints. 


How many customers have to leave after having the same awful experience for you all to actually handle the problems.? 


The more I read, the more I realize that I am not alone with my frustration and I can't belive you pay people to make your customers frustrated. Whoever is doing the hiring, creating the different departments that each only know 3 things (if they get those right and are lucky) and doing the training should be FIRED! 


Does a lawyer with a class action lawsuit have to contact you in order for us all to get things done? 

It's taken less time to elect a president than to get any meaningful resolve in the mishandling by USAA of our exchange.
Please have Staurt Parker call me.