Disabled Vets POA

I am attempting to close my father in laws account.  He has had a stroke related to agent orange and is now 100% disabled veteran cared for in the local VA nursing home.  Our country has taken very good care of him thus far since his stroke. USAA on the other hand has proven to be very difficult.  After working within my Father-in-laws finances over the past 2 years to pay off the tens of thousands of debt he had incurred on his seemingly unlimited credit card.  I am now attempting to cancel the card.  Earlier today USAA hung up on my husband after a 20 minute attempt.  We are verified as his POA in the system and on my end it states this is  is accepted and does not expire.  USAA states they have a "red x" through it and it is not acceptable.  They cannot receive e-mail from me to re-verify the POA documentation. They need to hear it from his voice that I can cancel the account...but now that I have told them he has had a stroke he cannot cancel the account on his own??  They then asked for my SS#.  Seriously, I just want to cancel the account.  I am now waiting on hold after what has now turned into a 43 minute phone call to speak to someone else who apparently is not answering their phone.  I thought canceling his cable was hard, this is crazy.  Please help....anyone. 


Oh my @disabled Vets POA, this is not in line with the service you should expect from us. I am very sorry to hear of his condition but glad his care is good so far. I will be forwarding your post for review. Once review is completed you will be contacted. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention. ~ Suzy

Thank you. I am sorry I had to resort to social media.  After almost an hour on the phone, within 5 minutes of my social media post my situation was resolved.

As a POA, there is no reason I should have to give my SS# to you to close this account. 

I ask that you review your policy for the next veteran who needs to name a POA to manage his or her affairs.