Wire Transfer Theft - Checking Account - Police Report

Who in USAA's legal department do I reach out to in order to share more detailed information about the theft of my checking account through the use of wire transfers?

USAA's fraud department/call center was aware of the issues and dropped the ball and let the transfers occur. The sad part about this case is that they were still in the pending stage and could have been stopped.

I was told that they were going to stop the transfers and not to worry about it - they had the situation under control and I would get a call back from the security team; I never got a call back.

The wire transfers added up to $39,900.00.

I would like to have my funds returned to my account and have USAA go after the wrong doer who transferred the money out of my account.

Please put me in contact with the right person or persons in your legal department. I think working together as a team, we could bring this matter to a close.


@Sal57, I'm sorry to hear of this experience. I will have your feedback submitted to the appropriate area for further review. ~ Sam 

Thank you Sam.

Please have your legal department contact me. There's a police invesigation officer working the case.