Will I really get $200 bonus on Visa credit card after 12 qualified purchses that offer ended on 6/30/18?


Did anyone ge $200 cash back bonus Visa card  after 12 qualified puchases?   It was  special offer  showed on my app in my personal account and aplied for it from my app early June.


I called USAAafter the offer ended to ask when I will recived the bonus.  The offer was still shown in my app and I wa comfirmed that I am qualified for the bonus and told me it will be added within 90days after the offer ended date 6/30/18.


Now it's October.  So I called them again, but now they said they Idon't see the offer in my file. ...  It was shown until September in my app. 


Anyone has same issue?





nattieE - I see that you spoke with a representative regarding this matter. Were you able to reach our Rewards team 800-980-8722. They would be best equipped to assist you. - Jason

I called the reward team.  They said they will investigate it.  Why is so hard to receive the reward when we were offered to apply for it.  I shoud not even go through this.

Hello @nattieE, I have esclated this for you. Please allow 2-3 days for this to be reviewed and once I do find out more information, I will be in contact with you. Thanks! -Colleen

Hello @nattieE, thank you for your patience while I had this researched. I do see we called and left you a voicemail regarding this. If you have any other questions please let me know. -Colleen