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I am a long term customer of USAA Bank and Insurance Services.  Unfortunately, that is about to change.  USUALLY, when I deposit my paycheck, it is available immediately, which I am thankful for.  Over a year ago, they started holding my check for 7 days, without a warning, so I switched to Chase.  Last Fall, I came back to USAA, as a test, to see if it would once again be immediately available, and it was. 


I've been continuing the deposits since then, with no problem, until today.  AFTER endorsing my check for deposit ONLY to USAA, the mobile app notifies me that only 200.00 will be available, and the rest is on hold for 7 days.  I understand USAA has the right to hold it for 7 days.  What I don't understand is why the change?  I have been a USAA customer for years, and have been working the same place, depositing the same check, for years also.


I need a dependable bank.  I recognize that the bank is taking a "risk" by releasing the funds prior to 7 days, but I also realize that other banks, such as Frost Bank make it available the next business days,  except under unusual circumstances where they make it available after 7 days.  I also understand that customers take a risk by trusting a bank to safeguard their money, and that I can take my paycheck to Chase Bank, which it is drawn on, and make a deposit and it will be immediately available. If I deposit it with the mobile app, it would be available the first business day, and no later than the 2nd.


I need a bank that I can trust, that my money will be available when I need it.  




Peter J Shepherd


Hello shepherdpeter, I can certainly understand about deposit holds. When you deposit a check or make a transfer, the “behind the scenes” money exchange can take a week or more. All banks use a standard set of rules for how long to hold these items before making the cash available. At USAA Bank, we strive to make your deposit available as quickly as possible and for most deposits, funds are available immediately. However, according to our Depository Agreement, a check or transfer can be held up to seven business days depending on one or more of the following factors:

  • Source of deposited funds (government, company, individual, etc.)
  • Method of deposit (ATM, mobile device, mail, etc.), and Bank account history

Learn more by reviewing the Funds Availability section of the Depository Agreement.

Additionally, to help prevent any negative impact, when using our mobile app to deposit, any amounts that are subject to holds is displayed before finalizing and submitting your authorization to continue with the deposit.  Thus, after you scan or image the check and enter the amount to be deposited, there will be note that states “Select "Next" to see how much of your deposit will be available right away.”


Once you click the “Next” button, a pop-up will appear advising if funds will be available or what will be on hold. You will be given the option to "Deposit" or "Cancel."


This allows you the opportunity to cancel if the amount on hold would impact you in any way. - Ben

Don't think you answered the question.  He asked why the change.  You gave him a proforma answer of your policy.

gunship1a, Many things can factor a "change" such as recent negative history on an account, to include; Returned deposits, NSF & overdrawing the account. Additionally, the amount of deposit as well as the average monthly balance of the account can result in holds on deposits. I hope this information helps clear up any question not previously addressed. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify. ~ Lori

In my case,  there WAS no negative information. No reasons whatsoever.  I called and the representative that answered the phone couldn't understand why my money was held either, which tells me that the computer, and not real people, control my money.  I don't like that.

I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but, since this is the SECOND go-around, I have decided to take my business elsewhere.  I've called multiple times to find out if you would hold my next paycheck. Capital One has no monthly fees, and makes their funds available the next day.  (I don't mind waiting overnight as much as I do a week when I have bills to pay.) They are ony one of many many options.


IN ADDITION, I have had a Secured Credit Card for a number of years, faithfully making my payments, being charged plenty of interest, while my CD securing the card earns peanuts.  MOST banks that offer secured cards, usually make then unsecured cards after a period of time, often 6 months, of on time payments.


I just applied to USAA for an UNsecured card, and what did they do?  Offer me another SECURED card, after YEARS of on time payments. No thank you.  I'm getting ready to cancel both my Secured American Express and the CD behind it, and take my money elsewhere.


A few months ago, Capital One offered me an UNSECURED card, and, just recently increased my credit limit.  Although, I make it a practice to pay it off very month to save interest, I appreciated it.


This makes me very, very sad.  USAA began in order to SERVE the military and veteran community.  I guess they've gotten so big they care very little about the inconvenience we have to go through out here.  Not all of us have bosses that make Direct Deposits.  My boss doesn't. He still does things the old-fashioned way, as do many small businesses, but NONE of my paychecks have ever bounced in over 10 years.  You can look at the record. For those of us that don't have Direct Deposit, that don't live near a branch or  an ATM, the only choices we have are mobile deposit or deposit at home, and you have decided to hold all deposits for 7 days, apparently.


I WISH there was some way you could talk me into staying, that you could give me a good reason to stay, but, sadly, I don't think there is.

shepherdpeter, we appreciate you taking the time to provide your additional feedback. We don't want to see you leave USAA, and I'm sorry to hear that your experiences have prompted you to make this decision. We strive to provide services and products that meet our members' needs and regret the dissatisfying experiences you've had. Your comments and feedback are important to us, and I will be sharing your comments with our business teams for further review. Thank you. -Meredith

Sadly, after 25 years, I also leaving USAA due to these new actions on USAA's part. 

They DO NOT CARE about their customers at all. Leave them and let them fail. 

Do you remember being able to call and immediately talk with a live person at USAA? I do. Adios USAA.

Hello Xanduur, I have responded to your original post. I apologize it took me a few moments. Please refer to that. Thank you,

Thank you for chatting with me about our hold policy. I will forward your feedback for review and hope you enjoy your weekend.