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I am a long term customer of USAA Bank and Insurance Services.  Unfortunately, that is about to change.  USUALLY, when I deposit my paycheck, it is available immediately, which I am thankful for.  Over a year ago, they started holding my check for 7 days, without a warning, so I switched to Chase.  Last Fall, I came back to USAA, as a test, to see if it would once again be immediately available, and it was. 


I've been continuing the deposits since then, with no problem, until today.  AFTER endorsing my check for deposit ONLY to USAA, the mobile app notifies me that only 200.00 will be available, and the rest is on hold for 7 days.  I understand USAA has the right to hold it for 7 days.  What I don't understand is why the change?  I have been a USAA customer for years, and have been working the same place, depositing the same check, for years also.


I need a dependable bank.  I recognize that the bank is taking a "risk" by releasing the funds prior to 7 days, but I also realize that other banks, such as Frost Bank make it available the next business days,  except under unusual circumstances where they make it available after 7 days.  I also understand that customers take a risk by trusting a bank to safeguard their money, and that I can take my paycheck to Chase Bank, which it is drawn on, and make a deposit and it will be immediately available. If I deposit it with the mobile app, it would be available the first business day, and no later than the 2nd.


I need a bank that I can trust, that my money will be available when I need it.  




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I have been a trusted member of USAA for almost a year. Since I got a new job they have been putting all my deposited checks on hold for a week! That means when I get paid I can't pay my bills or anything for another week! This has been such a HUGE issue for me as I count on that money to eat and not gain excessive late fees or ticks on my credit score. I called the customer service after it was my THIRD check put on hold for a week and they said, "sorry nothing we can do to help you. We can't release the funds." Never have I done anything to deserve this and I have never dealt with something like this at any bank. I am definitely thinking about finding a new bank. They have another check on hold I can't touch until April 26th and I need the money today, cause I'm trying to move. SO MESSED UP! It's my money. WTF.

Taurusgirl424, I can certainly understand how holds may impact your economic stability. Holds are not only placed to prevent loss/fraud, but also if an account is new or has had recent negative history, such as overdrawing the account, returned deposits or NSF resulting in returned payments, which can cause holds on certain deposits. Deposit holds are a standard practice with all banks. The only deposits which do not carry a hold are direct deposits, wire transfers and incoming electronic credits. All other deposits may have a hold.


Please note that funds take a few days to actually reach us, from the time you deposit, it is not immediate. Even if it is showing as cleared from the funding bank, we do not receive the actual funds for a few days.  

Additionally, to help prevent any negative impact, when using our mobile app to deposit, any amounts that are subject to holds is displayed before finalizing and submitting your authorization to continue with the deposit. This allows you the opportunity to cancel if the amount on hold would impact you in any way. Thank you for allowing the opportunity to clarify the reason for holds. Have a good day. ~Jen.

@USAA     Please clarify something for me.  I understand about deposit holds, but we just received a notice from one of our other banks that specifically deals with this issue.  Most importantly, they may hold money at the time of the initial deposit but then the rest of it is released on day 2.  None of the holds are ever as long as the holds at USAA.  In fact, none of the banks I have seen have deposit holds like USAA.  Why is USAA so different?  And yes, we are talking about mobile deposits so I am comparing apples to apples.  And it is frustrating to see the same old same old answer to every person who asks a question about it. 

    I have seen this happen to my daughter who has a decent amount of money at USAA (especially considering her age), she has never bounced a check, always pays her credit card in full on time every month, and yet the best explanation for a hold for one of her deposits was "they were paper checks".  (As an accountant I find that answer to be absolutely ridiculous - obviously they are paper checks otherwise she wouldn't be using mobile deposit).   At the time of the deposit she had more than 25K in her checking account and even more than that in her savings.  The deposit was for less than 2K and all from known companies (United Health Care, etc). 


   Also it has been awhile since I used the mobile app for deposits but there was a time when it was not displaying the amount that would be on hold.  I called the Tech Support group and they agreed with me.  Has this issue been resolved? 

NSueZ, I understand it can be frustrating  when you have a different deposit experience with another bank. Ensuring the collection of a deposit prior to making funds available is part of the deposit process. With an increase of unauthorized activity amongst financial institutions across the world, we want to make sure funds are collected before they are available for use. I understand your deposits are from your employer and in the past this may have been a valid reason not to place a deposit hold. However, because we want to protect our members and USAA against a financial loss, a deposit hold is placed.


For example, a payroll check is deposited into an account, made available immediately and funds were used to make payments (mortgage, utilities, etc), yet we find out a few days later we couldn't collect on the deposit due to a payroll error. We then would reverse the deposited amount from the account. This now not only negatively impacts your checking account, creating a history of returned deposits, but this also negatively impacts the payments you made. If the payments were not collected yet, they will be returned due to non-sufficient funds, causing a NSF/OD fee from USAA for each return and can also cause a returned payment fee with each biller. While the deposit return was due to an error with payroll, this impacts your account with USAA and with each biller. This scenario happens more often than not unfortunately.


Deposit holds are in place to protect your accounts against scenarios such as this. We understand deposit holds may have an impact on accessing your funds and for this reason we added the message for all Deposit@Mobile deposits being made allowing you the option to cancel submission of the deposit before it's made. We do provide other deposit options such as direct deposit, wire transfers, cash advances and even electronic transfers initiated by another bank. If a deposit is made using one of these options, the deposit is not subject to a deposit hold because the funds had to be verified by another financial institution as guaranteed before they are sent to USAA. I hope this provides some additional insight and other deposit options to help in the future. -Marisa

This is complete garbage! I banked at BOA for years before coming here and they only held my checks for two days for mobile deposits! You all need to really reconsider your practices and release money when asked. This is screwed up I know plenty of banks that release the money once you call!!!!!! Pretty much done with this bank. I don't have any negative history.
How am I supposed to change my mind when you make me write for DEPOSIT ONLY AT USAA FSB ACCT #xxxxxxx. STUPID!

I'm sorry that our hold policy is different from other banks policies in regards to calling in and requesting holds to be removed. The hold process can occur regardless of previous account history or activity. In regards to the endorsement, we recommend having your account number and "For Deposit Only" endorsement, but the main endorsement that is required are for the Payee's listed on the "Pay To" line on the front of the check. Thank you! - Darrell

You all really suck. USAA doesn't care about anyone!
I'm with you and I've been a member for 28 years!!! This just started for me literally this week. Holding my money for a week, gimme a break!