I'm not seeing any significant advantage to staying with USAA anymore.


They wouldn't negotiate a better interest rate for my recent mortgage, so lost business to a different online company.  Not to mention their PMI was actually worse.  My first mortgage with USAA was a spectacular experience and I was flabberghasted at how non-competetive they were with my second one after our move.


They removed the ability to easily email customer service and instead forces the use of that god-awful chat program.  And I don't want to make a phone call for most of the stuff I need to discuss.


That being said, I had to have a lenghty chat with an (admittedly kind and knowledgeable) adjuster about my excessive homeowners insurance... after initially overvaluing my home by at least 33% with consequent premium on premiums.


The last straw has been my recent phone call to customer service (after trying to email) saying there is no special assistance being offered to federal employees during this shutdown.


I have offers from credit unions giving zero interest loans, or even paying people's paychecks for a time, if you're just willing to become a member.  Others have discussed waivers of interest and fees on credit cards.


USAA acts all proud of helping out Military, Coast Guard, and NOAA... but apparently only if you're active. If you're "just" a federal employee, decade+ loyal member (on top of being the son of former military and multiple decades member parents), no dice.


The more I'm seeing stories of people exploring getting out of USAA, they seem to be discovering better rates and customer service at multiple different companies.


I'm really not feeling this anymore.  I just don't know why I should stick around.


Why should I stay with USAA?  What makes USAA worth it?  Convince me, because I hate ending relationships, but I'm on the edge with this one.


@PersonOfMildInterest, We understand that some of our members who are federal employees are also impacted by the current government shutdown. USAA is offering up to a 90-day payment deferment on credit cards, up to a 60-day payment deferment on loans, and special payment arrangements for insurance on eligible accounts.


So we can help determine the best option for you, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your specific situation, at 210-531-8722, or via secure online chat by selecting Contact Us from the HELP tab. For the latest updates, login to usaa.com. ~ Suzy



The only thing that I have found USAA still does well is exchange rates and ATM fees while withdrawing funds overseas. I have found better APY on savings at Ally (2.2% with no minimum deposit. USAA doesn't get to 1.5% even with $1M), I have found better rates for auto and home loans, and shockingly, I have found better insurance recently. The latter is what is most disconcerting to me...that was USAA's biggest strength IMO and I am saddened to be in the position to write this.


The fact is, I've moved almost $1M out of USAA and keep very little there now. I keep my few accounts open in order to keep a pulse on what they're doing in the hopes that they return to what they were. If they did, I'd consider moving my money back. As it stands now, the customer service (also in decline) does not make up for the extra cost of insurance or loss of interest income on savings/investments. 

@SeanMTX, I really appreciate your feedback and keeping us on your radar.  I am forwarding that feedback right now. Have a great day!   ~Tom

I totally agree!!


I am so disappointed with USAA. I have been a member for over 15 years (since I was active duty). My federal pay and my retiree pay both deposit into this institution. All my kids are active duty and are Navy Federal members and although they did finally convince me to open an account I never switched my direct deposit. But after today, I will definitely be rethinking ALL my major financial decisions where USAA is involved. I have stood by them faithfully for all these years and given them ALL my business, but (if the time comes, and it is needed) I have to go outside to another credit union or banking institution to get assistance during this major national incident. Credit Unions are begging for members to join!

Sailor Girl2 - Please see our response to your other post. Thanks, Jason