Why is that banking support can't give out case number of support calls?

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I just had the one of the very bestest most fun support calls with a USAA banking support rep.  Apparently, when you call banking support a case number is generated, but they aren't allowed to let you know what that number is if they can't sucessfully resolve the issue.  Apparently actually being able to reference the issue again so that you don't have to spend another hour explaining hour one of the features of USAA isn't working as expected to support resources lowers the bar for getting a trouble ticket into the system. 

Gotta reduce the trouble ticket count, right?



Yes, I would VERY much like a call from anyone in the executive support team.  Maybe after I cool down a bit though.


@WatchOut123, thank you for reaching out! I can forward your feedback for you on this subject. We definitely do not want you to feel frustrated on what sounds like was a great experience! If you have any specifics you would like me to add, please PM them. Thank you!   ~Tom