Derek S Carlisle357


@DirecTvNow, Hello, In regards to your account showing a hold amount, this can be caused by many factors. 


If you have recently made a mobile or ATM deposit, funds are subject to holds as these types of deposits are unverified funds, and need time to clear the other bank, then be received by us before posting to the account. This helps prevent any negative history on your account, should the deposit be returned. 


When using our mobile app for depositing, a notification will appear alerting you of any holds. You have the option of submitting the deposit which authorizes the hold, or canceling which allows you to make other arrangements if a hold would be inconvenient. 


Other factors that can cause deposit holds are: 

  • Recent negative history on the account,
  • Recent returned deposits or returned payments (NSF) 
  • Deposit amount is greater then the average monthly balance in the account
  • Large deposit amount

The details of the hold are available on your account page, which includes the date the funds will be available. 

Thank you for the opportunity to help clarify reasons for holds.  Have a great week. ~ Lori