I've been reading countless posts of terrible customer service. I am sad to say that we just had our own disappointing experience also. Here is the complaint I submitted via the online form: I was appalled at the way your customer service representative spoke to me and offered no help during my recent call this morning. I called wanting to clarify pending charges charged by a hotel we stayed at, as it was mistakenly run by the hotel twice. I talked to a rep yesterday saying that he (I failed to get his name in the chaotic situation) would remove the first charge. However, this has not yet happened and I was calling to clarify why. This morning I spoke with "Paul" ID number: F3269. I asked him if there was any notation about the charges coming off from the erroneous charge, which he replied, "Nope." He kept this manner up during the entire phone call, responding "nope" and "yep" and acted completely unconcerned about my issue. I asked him if he would be able to remove the first charge since the other rep hadn't. He said, "I can't just do that." So I asked him what I was supposed to do. He said to have the hotel call customer service to USAA. I asked him which number was best, and he said that I had just called it and acted very sarcastic during the remainder of the phone conversation. I then asked him for his name, which he said was Paul. I asked him for his last name, which he said your reps don't give out and said, "it doesn't matter, if you call back to customer service you're not going to get me anyways." I then asked him for his ID number which he quickly rattled off so that I had to have him repeat it. I could not take his attitude anymore so I ended the conversation and called the hotel. They were much nicer to deal with, explaining that sometimes charges don't come off over the weekend. The hotel manager said, "I'm so sorry, we want this issue taken care of as much as you do." That was very nice to hear after talking to "Paul" from USAA who obviously couldn't care less. My husband and I have done business with USAA for over 10 years and have never been treated so horribly by any rep so far. I am unhappy with the "service" provided as you should have some kind of notes section in which your reps can document any kind of unusual incident, such as the one that happened to me when the first rep reported he would remove the first hotel charge, so that your reps are knowledgable about previous calls and what customers are being told by previous reps. If you already have that, then it's obviously not being utilized. Secondly, I am unhappy with the customer service, or lack of, we were provided by representative "Paul". It's unacceptable to have a customer service rep speak to people in such a manner and attitude, especially when your customers are military members who serve this country.


My husband retired from USAF after twenty for years and we have been with USAA bank for ever it seems like. The point is we have tried other banks in the past and we still bank with other banks but there is not a bank out there that touches USAA bank. We do a lot of business with them. USAA is the one bank that never lets us down. If we have a claim,need a loan or just need good advice they are always there for us. I can honestly say I cannot ever see us not using USAA bank.


Thanks, CS

CRSILER: Maybe you have VIP status with them or something. Lol. Because the man I spoke to today was certainly not helpful and most definitely did not offer any advice. If you have nothing but positive experiences with them, of you're not going to complain. I was perfectly happy with USAA up until the last 3 times I've had to call customer service about things. This last time was the last straw and I'm hoping that either they take the time to examine how much they need to improve their customer service or at the very least, by posting this I can let other members know they are not alone in being treated poorly.

I also have had BAD customer service with a claim. The communication is absolutely terrible. I need to keep prodding and poking for status updates to my claim. This is going on for weeks now. I tried to talk to a manager but she was on vacation! At least get me to someone who is in the office! Once this claim is settled I definately will be shopping for new insurance and will be dropping USAA. 

I am extremely upset with USAA right now.  I have been a member for almost 30 years, and have always had excellent customer service; however, over the last 2 years they seem to be lacking more and more in that department.  I trusted them for my banking, my car insurance, my investment and my homeowners insurance.  For the first time, I have filed a claim on wind damage to my roof.  I have never had a major homeowners claim before, and in the past, the claims that are minor have been handled very quickly.  However, I was informed that I had wind damage to part of my roof, therefore, they will pay to replace a 1/4 of my roof.  What?  How can I have a portion of my roof replaced and have the remaining portion a different color? I can't afford an entire roof right now, yet what option do I have - if I replace the portion damaged today and wait a few years when I have the finances to do the other, I'll have a discolored roof then also.  I have water damage inside my house in the back portion of my house, and wind damage on the front portion - they will only replace the front portion.  My neighbors who have other insurance companies got their entire roof replaced, not USAA.  How does this make sense to anyone?  This was an act of God, not negligence on my part.  Would USAA just replace a portion of a carpet in a living room if the carpet didn't match?  

Well I'm glad I'm hearing of all these insurance and banking horror stories (not glad for you folks that had bad experiences!) because so far we have only used USAA for a credit card, and were considering switching for those services. After learning all of this, we plan on paying off our card and never using them again.

aw, it is sad to see another member go. I literally came upon this search trying to read the other end of the spectrum. USAA has been nothing but incredible to me and my family. They are the only bank that has made me see hope in humanity. no publicly traded, for the members banking. UNHEARD OF. we cant have perfection but this is just as close.


They have to hire people, of all varieties. You got the one young stick in the mud who just lost his game of call of duty and i am sure brought his cruddy attitude to his customer rep job.


If you go to get a icecream from the icecream man and hes a jerk, do you stop buying icecream? No, chalk it up to a bad experience, experienced for a delicious item, in this metaphor the item is usaa and the ice cream man is this douchebagging pie tickler you expierienced.


I cant say another good things about usaa, i have had BAD experiences also (lost 150 dollars cause of their system failure? whaaat) but it was RESOLVED quicky, and an eternity faster then other big banks. They also have put money back in my account for nothing more then word of mouth honesty, waived 30 to 60 dollar late fees based on my plea of "it wasnt my fault!" and shown me loyalty and respect. They really do a great job putting me first and because you had one bad experience with a rep you will be leaving this great establishment. it is really sad and I do hope you will stay with usaa.


This is not a forceful comment, i just really am someone who hates bankers and banking and the big business sleaze of the world, and for some reason, usaa shows me a kinder side to a bigger monster. They are people, just like us.


So in conclusion to my rant - dont let 1 or 2 or even 5 bad apples get to you - because i bet your bad phone call was not as bad as the retaliation from the 'good guys' within the company when they find their tumor and remove it.


im in a metaphor mood.

I am glad I am not the only one who has experienced a significant drop in customer service from USAA.  I thought it might be bad luck, but I think the real culprit is that they are growing faster than they can maintain their level of service.  I see ads for USAA all the time now.  I've been with USAA for 20 years, and have banking, investment, and insurance accounts with them.  Some idiot plowed into me and totaled my car last month, and USAA skimped on paying me for my rental after the accident despite me paying for the accident replacement rider...  Oh, and it took them over two weeks to send me my total loss check.   Today I get a fraud alert on my credit card and have to stay on hold for 25 minutes.   I can't even remember having to hold for a customer rep a couple of years ago.     I don't think this trend is going to reverse, so I'm moving to Navy Federal and Amica insurance. I already opened my CC at Navy Fed.  I used to feel good about having USAA as my bank, but now don't recommend them.  

I ask USAA for a Car Loan and they flat out said no never mind that I could have paid for the car with the 30k in my account. I call Navy Federal who I'm not even a member of , they say yes...I have just about every service USAA has to offer and all they could say in a computer Generated Letter We Treat Each Customer on a case by case basis. Navy Federal is great advice... USAA at one point in time were the cream of the crop now they've become more like BOA and Wells Fargo. Its not about the customer its all about the bottom line. I chose USAA not because they were the cheapest but because anytime I needed them they were there. So after the3rd time of poor customer service and a poor excuse. ill take my 150K combined income to another bank who will be glad do work with me. and encourage others to do so as well... So long USAA ill be transitioning my services to other Financial institutions.
Likely with the passage of time you will run across increasing numbers of people who were raised without being taught good manners. USAA can strive only to hire the "least worst"