Why can't I sync my USAA account with Acorns?


I'm trying to set aside a bit of money here and there and would like to sync USAA with Acorns.  They offer the sync capability, but it doesn't sync.  I don't have a pin like they ask for either.  


Hello @Tangledupinblue, multifactor authentication may prevent some third-party services from working as expected. We are continuously working to implement solutions that protects our members while improving the overall experience. Given the amount of personal information available through social media and external data breaches, stronger security is required. USAA offers enhanced security (multifactor authentication) options that allow members to authenticate themselves with a combination of something they:
• Know: password, pin, quick logon
• Have: phone, one-time code
• Are: biometrics, such as your fingerprint, facial or voice recognition

Stay tuned for new options to access your accounts by visiting usaa.com/MFA.