Why can’t I find how to dispute a charge anywhere on your website? It’s very frustrating. And the charge is not warranted.

It’s very frustrating to have to keep trying to contact someone on your mistakes. As well as trying to get reimbursed for 4 days of my rental car that you denied payment when I have rental coverage and was never informed I was being billed over 200.$


@Candy07, I am happy to help.  So that I can best assist you, can you advise that date of your claim in question? - Ina

I am having that same issue trying to find how to dispute a charge on my account for a Penske truck rental for twice the amount originally billed for. I need assistance. Where can I dispute these charges in my online account? Thanks

@Alicia87, please click on the green plus sign next to the transaction, which will then provide an option to dispute the charge. If this does not appear, please initiate a chat conversation with us on USAA.com or contact us at 800-531-8722 ~ Sam 

The problem with the website is that option to "Dispute Transaction" only appears while the transation is in Pending status in which case the system tells you the transaction needs to clear before it can be disputed.  Once the transaction is cleared, that option to "Dispute Transaction" goes away.