Which ATM machines I can use in Tokyo Japan to withdraw cash using my debit card?

I have put in travel notification on my debit card but I am not sure which ATM machines I can go to, to withdraw cash using my USAA debit card. I see ATMs in various convinience stores such as 7-11, Lawson’s and Mini-Stop. I want to avoid any declines transactions.

If you could help!


Thank you for reaching out in our Community, @AbuLiv. You can find the ATM closest to you using our ATM locator at usaa.com/ATM and on our mobile app under “ATM Locations.” You may also use your debit card to make a purchase in convenience stores and request cash back. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance. Tricia

I know this response is very late but I thought others might do a search looking for an answer in the future. I lived in Japan for nearly two years. The best places that I found to withdraw cash was at 7-11 (in increments of 10,000 yen as I recall) and the post office (ATMs are not open 24 hours in this instance but something like 9-5). There was a CHASE Bank ATM at Narita Airport that worked without a fee when I arrived but I believe they no longer have CHASE banks in Japan...which is unfortunate because they were very friendly to foreigners apparently.