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When I asked a bank associate where I could file a complaint letter, I was told to mail a letter to the McDermott address. I did that in August. Haven't heard back yet, and today I was told the letter was never received. When I asked to confirm the address I was given the same address (McDermott). Associate said to send it there and it will be filtered to the complaint department. When I asked what is the name of that department, he could only tell me to send to the main address. Why are you (USAA) hiding from your issues and complaints?!?! Not good business.



All feedback is important to us. Whether it's a compliment or a complaint we want to hear from our members. Please send a message here: You may also attach a copy of the letter you mailed. To find this in the future, once you are logged in, click Help>Contact & Support Center>Start an Email Conversation With USAA.

I tried to use this link too and it does not work. USAA is designed to not allow complaints nor are they willing to assist customers with filing them. I am disliking their bad service more and more as the years go on. I have been a member for 7 years.

Their employees can't even tell me how to file a complaint

I would be happy to assist you further with information on filing a complaint. So I can look into this for you please share a little bit more about the situation.

Car totaled end of August. Sent all required paperwork to USAA about a month later because that's how long it took for them to determine it was totaled. Was told on the phone by USAA I should start looking for vehicle when I send that paperwork in to them and it will take * days to process. My claim on the USAA app said it was being processed and if any additional paperwork is needed, they will contact me. I left a message with my agent listed on the app to make sure they had everything but call was never returned. In December I got a call asking for a payment on what I thought was my totaled car. I get a hold of someone from USAA to see why this is happening. That is when I was informed that they needed a different document signed and they were willing to overnight it to me. When I asked them how long USAA knew they needed a different document signed, I was told they would have known when they got the paperwork I sent near the end of September. I want to know why this happened. Did my assigned agent get fired or something and no one else was given my claim to work on? I'm currently making two car payments that I can't afford and I feel that USAA not contacting me, like the app says they'll do, is the reason I have two car payments and why I can barely afford to eat right now. The new paperwork has been sent in but I don't know if USAA needs anything unless I contact them. Why am I the only reason this claim is finally moving forward? Can USAA accept responsibility and prevent the loss of a customer, and also prevent this bad story from being spread to the many veterans I'm connected with on social media? I personally hope so.
We all are going to have to stand together on this and file for a class action, and I’m already taking the necessary steps to get this handled. Let’s see how they respond to that complaint...WELLS FARGO x10!!

I am in the process of transferring all our assets to Wells Fargo as well as changing all insurance.  Very unhappy with USAA business practices.  Been a member for 26 years and they no longer care about us.

@30yearuser, thank you for your long time membership you have with USAA and sadden to hear that you are transferring to a competitor.  I'd like the chance to assist by having your send me details about recent experience in a Private Message.  To send a private message, please select your profile name at the top right of the screen and select "My Settings".  From there at the top of your screen go to "Private Messenger" and "Turn on Private Messages".  After this you can select your name again from the top right of the screen and select the envelope icon to view and send your own private messages. I look forward to assisting you soon.  ~ Marco

BEEN A MEMBER SINCE 1974, WHY CAN'T USAA CALL BACK. 714 247 9234. MEMBER NUMBER [removed sensitive data].