Where is the Signature Card and W-9 for my new checking account?

I just opened a new checking account a couple of days ago, and I have received messages from USAA reminding me to sign and return or upload the signature card for the account. However I cannot find the form that I am supposed to sign ... where is it? I am using Firefox on usaa.com (desktop PC, not mobile), and one of the instructions that I received tells me to: Online: Log on to usaa.com, go to the Accounts Summary page for your account ending in NNNN and electronically sign (E-sign) by selecting "Complete Forms" in the notification box. I cannot find any such "Complete Forms" choice, and I am not sure what is meant by the "notification box", and I am not even sure which page is the "Accounts Summary" page for that account.


@Paul97, thank you for choosing USAA for your banking needs. I'm happy to assist you. Please send us a Private Message so that we can provide additional information by selecting the top right corner under your user handle for a drop down menu. Please select the envelope icon and the next page you will be able to "Send a New Message". Tricia