Tom Bob

Please send deposit envelopes to Bob Dooley...360 Spring St. St. Paul, Mn. [removed sensitive data] apartment 144


Hi Tom Bob - You can order deposit envelopes online from your account transaction page. Scroll to the bottom under Account Services. Under "Services," chose "Order Checks or Deposit Slips" and complete the online order. I hope this information has been helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. - Jason

I went to the Harland Clarke website and don't see envelopes there anywhere. I give up. I hope my deposits get to you in a regular envelope.

@HonoSam, I would be happy to send them for you. I need to confirm some information. Can you reply in a private message? Here is how to activate sending a private message in the Member Community. 


Select username on the top right-hand corner >My Settings >Turn on Private Messages >"Save". To send a PM select username >Envelope Icon >Send Private Message.


Thank you. ~ Suzy