Where can I find: Pending Deposits on my account

I just recently added my banking apps on my phone, they r awesome because it saves me from going an ATM just to get my account balance. On my Navy Federal account it shows the date & amount pending Deposits so where can I find that on my USAA account?? Thanks Customer Service :)


Hello kay*kay, once we receive your deposit the amount will be reflected in your recent activity as well as your available balance. ~ Lori

So we can’t until they become available to us?

@Deedee231 - You'll see the deposits the same time we will, so we aren't able to provide a pending deposit. When a direct deposit is due and we receive that info, we automatically post it the account, as we don't hold direct deposits. - Cathleen

I find it to be a load of bs. This is the only bank I’ve ever had that didn’t show pending deposits. You show pending transactions, but not deposits.

Thank you for sharing your concerns in our Community, @Chuckyy. I will be happy to share your feedback with our team in efforts to make improvements in this area. Tricia

That’s what I’m saying . That doesn’t make any sense
USAA needs improvement on letting us the customers know how much we have pending. That’s poor process. On top of that no matter what time I get paid for my deposits I can’t have funds available until 6am ET. the next morning. I like USAA but Navy Fed has them beat as far as Tech Savvy to make the customers experience better. I have to push the help button on the USAA app due to everything being in inconviently placed through the app already hard enough to navigate.

Thank you for your feedback today @Vaunte, I will share these details with the appropriate area. Please know, USAA's goal is to always make direct deposit funds available one business day before the actual pay date provided your employer provides us notification two to three days in advance. For funds transfer deposits coming from external banks it can take up to five business days in order to be received. I hope these details are helpful. -Emily

It’s actually a lie lots of direct apposite you see it before hand for days especially with military pay USAA is the only bank that doesn’t have pending deposit showing it’s ridiculous