I have been a USSA member for at least 5 years now and I am so disappointed in the customer service that I have received. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with people who claim to be experts and are still unable to solve my issues. Yes ISSUES! A small as adding my husband to the account that has now been an issue for 2 years! I am so aggravated at this point I am looking to switch banks. But I would like to file a formal complaint for the issues I have experienced and would like some resolution. I used to promote USAA!! Now I feel like an idiot!


I feel for you. I undetstand it's aggravating in not getting help. I've had issues too, it's like they no longer care. I sent feedback a week ago, telling them what i thought of their customer service, as of today no reply. Good luck in your search for help.

I am with you 100% @Aggravated1. I have been a USAA member for over 8 years and have had no issues until recently. I made a call to USAA AfterHours (called around 1am CST) to find out why an online payment was declining on my debit card even though it was in good standing with enough money in the account for said purchase. I was hung up on TWICE by representatives Chad and Mike. Chad even had a very agitated tone from the start of the call and since its 1am I am pretty mellow in my tone of voice so I dont know what I did to deserve to be treated so poorly from a bank who nationally represents themselves as the ones who take magnificent care of this country's military and family. It's absolutely shameful that these reps have jobs if they can't give a simple answer without being so rude, which in this case was that the website's MasterCard processor was malfunctioning and my debit card was not the one having issues, which is a bigger problem if that's what it was so thats why it is good to know this informaiton.


Needless to say, I am VERY livid about this experience and I get to go to sleep "peacefuly" tonight afterwards.. Thanks again USAA.


P.S. I even tried to call a 3rd time to talk to a manager since (for debit cards) there is only one After Hours call center available. I was told that there was no supervisor that I could talk to and that I would have to wait. Not ONE supervisor. No wonder. They need to do some serious customer retention if this is how they plan on treating users from now on.

AnnoyedTraveler, Thank you for posting in Community. This is not the experience we want for our members. We have escalated your concerns to a representative who will reach out to discuss this matter further.  We look forward to the opportunity in resolving this matter.

I also am frustrated and ive been a member since 1964. Where can I complain to after being backed into  by my neighbor (also a USAA Member) the day before selling my car. I have NEVER been contacted by my adjuster and have called numerous times.. I called today and aftert call setting up manager review got a voicemail saying there was a zero decision on loss of value. I gave them specific info ref usaa accreditted dealer lowering tradein $1000.00, I lost 2500 from a private sale also so it should have settled at $1250 at least ! I AM LIVID , where are the names and numbers for our BOARD OF DIRECTORS ?

@maddog6, I am terribly sorry to hear of your frustration and I want to have your concerns reviewed. I have located your claim information and I am escalating this situation to the claims service manager to review and reach out to you. Thank you.

I have been a member for over twenty years, have recently pulled two investment accounts, and will be pulling all accounts because of USAA continued refusal to demonstrate integrity. Let me give you a piece of advise: Be very careful while performing any action using their stuttering web applications or while they are performing after hour maintenance on their computer system. Yes this company has changed. Get out while the going is good.

The lack of respect (at least one representative has demonstrated is overwhelming). There is little integrity in a company that refuses to document ansewers to questions and insist in answering all queries orally.

I am looking to do the same and file a formal complaint against USAA, specifically a claims adjuster that was assigned to my now not so recent claim. 


I have called this guy 10+ times with no reply to this point. I got one call back some time ago to say that the fault had been placed on my "vehicle". Even though the police report was written incorrectly, and the information of the event was not physically possible. Since I have asked to have the status determination re-opened, I have not had anyone of any help. I attempted to reach out to the claims center and on the 4th transfer that could not help me with that matter I gave up. I have been a loyal customer for some time, as well as my family for 30+ years before. This is absolutely unacceptable. There is no reason the premium that is being paid should be paid, for the service provided. I previously had a fantastic experience with USAA, until this claim and adjuster. All I want is my car to be fixed, and an advocate that could actually do something on my behalf, seeing as you are MY insurance company. It would make sense to try to correct inaccuracies, that would cost you money as well. 


I have located your claim and escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you.  Thank you for your patience. – Mike

I want to file a formal complaint I was just hung up by a the web security time . I explained to this women that the USAA webinterface has changed very much and I was consitering switch banks however she apparently didnt believe me or like my resposne so she hung on me saying "have a good day sir" . I called 9:00pm KST  time . This was so rude . 

She was supposued to set me up with a token because I dont like having to use my email or text mesage just to go into my account its near impossible because I am overseas. 

I am very upset