Where can I file a complaint about the level of service I've been given?

M Winston

I originally reached out to USAA via chat on a Tuesday night after noticing my credit card available balance was in the negative at ~$799, even though I clearly hadn't reached my balance. The first call was in the evening and I was advised the system was updating and that everything should clear up by morning.


The next day, Wednesday, negative $750. I reach out the next evening only to be told the same robotic response, "Our system is going through the nightly batch. Everything should be cleared up by morning". When questioned on why this wasn't cleared up the previous night, I was told they didn't know but assured me it should be fine. I asked why it was happening and was initially told I have "pending" payments" to my account. This didn't make sense and after pressing the issue I was then told it was due to "pending declines". I asked why would a declined transaction affect my available credit, was simply told that's the way the system works. Since when, 2 days ago??? 2 chats and 2 calls later that night, I asked to speak with a supervisor. Surprise surprise, according to the rep I was chatting with, all other reps and supervisors have shut down their systems for nightly maintenance and one wasn't available. Apparently, I'm speaking to the only person who can help via their publicly advertised 24/7 chats service. I requested a supervisor call me back withing 24 hours, never happened. I reached out again that same night via phone, asked for a supervisor at the beginning of the call and was placed on hold. 2-3 minutes later, I'm greeted with the USAA customer service main menu. Funneling back to a representative, I explain the issue and I'm transferred back to credit card services.


The next morning, Thursday, I decide to call. This is the only good part about the situation. The lady I speak to issues temporary adjustments and submits a IT ticket to resolve the problem. this action brings me back into the positive status and the card can now be used. However, by 7PM PT my balance shoots back into the negative at ~$550. Instead of dealing with the night crew again, I opt to wait till the morning. I already spent 45 minutes on the call.


Friday morning, I reached out again. No resolution on the ticket and when I ask to speak with a Supervisor, the rep responds with "You have been given a supervisor call back before on this issue at this time the ticket should be completed with in 48 hours." 1) The previous request was never completed as no one called me 2) Why can't I speak with a supervisor now??? As I'm writing this, I'm am waiting for someone in a supervisor role to assist me, 23 minutes and counting.


With this being said, why would I continue to use your service??? 1 checking account and 2 credit cards, you'd expect a bank to try and make things right by removing the stress of dealing with a banking institution. 




@M Winston, I am sadden to read of your experience with the credit card. I am going to have an account expert further review this further. Once that is complete, we will follow up with you. 

I will definitely move forward with closing all my accounts, the service I've been provided is a joke and you guys have severly dropped the ball. I'll also be sure to share my story on all social platforms, including the ridiculous chats transcripts.