When will funds be available for a direct deposit that was set up hours ago and not planned like usual.

My work was supposed to have our checks deposited today since tomorrow is a holiday but unfortunately that didn't happen. They said they our working with ADP to fix this issue and deposits would be sent out by 5 pm EST. I have always been told USAA will release deposits as soon as available but never had this issue. If they do have the deposits sent out to banks by 5 pm today will I get it tonight? Or if not would it be tomorrow or no because holiday?


Hello @BLAZINBRAN, I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your direct deposit. There will not be any deposits made tomorrow due to the holiday. It can take 1-3 business days for a direct deposit to post to your account once the employer sends it. The best advice I can give you is to monitor your account online for the deposit. -Colleen

Does USAA release direct deposits as soon as they come in?

@BLAZINBRAN we do batch ACH transactions a few times a day from the federal reserve. -Colleen