When will USAA banking offer a method to opt out of the VISA account updater service?

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After having several fraudulent transactions on my account for a netflix payment I contacted USAA fraud about how even though I have had 3 new cards in as many months, netflix appears to still get my new card info and continue to charge me even though I have never had a netflix subscription. I was told this was due to a service that USAA and specifically VISA participates in with select merchants, netflix being one. This service, VISA account updater, allows merchants to receive my new card info if there is a recurring payment setup with a netflix account. This recurring payment appears to have been set up fraudulently when my card info was stolen in Jan 2018. Therefore, since January I have had a monthly charge to my account for a netflix subscription that I have never had even with several new cards. The only way I was able to stop these fraudulent transactions was to put a stop payment on my account to this merchant, netflix. This is not a sufficient solution for USAA members. I would like to know when USAA will begin offering an opt out solution to this service, as this service is geared to merchants instead of consumers and USAA members who wish to protect their account info. -Concerned member

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For those community members looking for an answer on this, here is the private response I received from USAA.


"The purpose of the Visa Account Updater service, is to help prevent disruptions in pay for merchants who are set up on automatic payments, when a card is lost or stolen. Not all merchants participate in this updater service. Regrettably, there is not an option to 'opt out' of this service, but I will submit your feedback regarding your concerns to the appropriate area for review."


@Tim2024, I do understand the frustrations you are having with this updater. So that we may assist you further, please turn on the private messaging feature. To do this, please click on your user ID in member community. Click on my settings > private messenger > click on the box that says "turn on private messages." This will allow us to communicate and keep your information private. Then if you can you please send me a private message. To send this please go to the top right corner and under the drop down menu, select the envelope. On the next page you will see "Send New Message" thanks.-Colleen


I tried those steps, but when I click my settings I do not have an option for private messenger. Is there somewhere else this would be located? 



I am very sorry for any confusion @Tim2024. Once you click on My Settings, please look to the top of it and then go to Private Messages. -Colleen



When I click on my settings there is not option for Private Messages. The help page states I need to be a registered member, whatever that means. Below is a screen shot of what I see. Is there any other way we can communicate not using this private messenger thing?


Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 5.52.04 PM.png

Hello @Tim2024, under preferences do you see a drop down for 'profile options'?

No, I do not have a 'profile options' under preferences.


Ok, thank you for clariying that. In this instance it would be best to contact our website support team at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say 'technical support'. Thank you. 

 I contacted the website support team and they are opening a ticket to see why I do not have the private messenger capabilties.



Technical support was able to get it sorted out to where I can send private messages. I have sent USAA Social Service one. I look forward to your response.