When does USAA provide updated credit card balance to credit bureaus?




I just paid off my credit card balance and need to pull my credit report/scores from all three bureaus. I want to make sure my updated credit card balance is reflected on my credit report, with that said, what day do you submit credit card balance updates to each bureau? 





Hello Ptown14, That's an excellent question. USAA will report your credit card information to the credit bureaus at each statement cycle (the day your receive your credit card bill). We send Equifax®, Experian® and TransUnion® the past 24 months of your credit history. The information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security number
  • Open date
  • Credit limit
  • High balance
  • Activity (payments and charges)
  • Status of account (open or closed)

I hope this information was helpful and please let us know if you need further assistance. - Ben


Just from the response, I don't see that USAA is reporting a current balance every month?  I'm sure that must be an error, however I have my credit cards to a zero balance and USAA continues to not only report the high balance, but shows my current balance as the same which would be incorrect.  

Hello Old Salt 88, I'm sorry to hear the history of your credit card balance has not updated correctly to the credit bureaus each month. I have sent you a form to  your documents online to assist in getting this matter resolved. ~ Lori

Any chance i can get that paperwork too so that my cc balance are shown correctly?

@cdouge, you can dispute without a form,  online.  Simply click on My Tools > Documents & Forms> Get USAA Forms > Banking (lower left column) >  Consumer Report Dispute > Credit Report Dispute Online Request.   We now have the option to dispute any information you feel is incorrectly reported without forms.  If you do not see the reason for your dispute listed on the drop down lists that appear, simply select other and you ill be given the opportunity to type in your dispute reason.  Hope this helps ~JM

Unfortunately, they report a day before the last working day of the month. Being a predominately Direct Deposit ‘pro’ Military bank finding ways to find suckers like myself is what they secretly write in to, in-a-way, ‘screw’ any and all those who have a credit card with them by never letting them use them. If people do use them to build their credit or have good credit and have a huge amount granted paying it off before the 31st (military paydays) If you use an inkling or create any balance paying it off before the 31st is almost impossible. You should be able to call and ask them for them to do an update but chances are they don’t do it more than once a year. I may be wrong but credit reporting is the most redundant thing ever created. I strongly believe credit scores should update either weekly if not up-to-the-moment on credit used and paid off not the way it is now and it should be better regulated with exceptions and have time limits that are reasonably rewarding or punitive to everyone’s score. Whoever thinks this system to keep everyone on the same type of scale and not by the way each person wastes their money or horde it away for greater things makes us all different not ignorant. If I use my credit card for a car repair 2 days before payday and I want to use my credit score and my paycheck as a down deposit for a new car - odds are USAA won’t help you out because you used your credit on your card and it will reflect on your monthly new car payments. I suggest, if you have to use a USAA credit card, use it after the first of the month and pay it down to $10 before the 27th because USAA will steal 50 points from your score. I find it disturbing of how USAA reports inadequately and that my other credit card companies like ‘Capital One’ I have a much better results. I too pay mine off every other month so my credit score is never consistent. Thanks USAA!

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way, @Wes King. I will have your concerns forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review.~ Samantha

I need my credit report updated to show the correct balance of my credit cards please do that by the end of business today. Thank you

@dcarne6880, The credit bureaus are updated each month when your statement is generated. I'd like to learn what has prompted you to request an update today. To begin the conversation, please send a private message. To send a private message, please select your username on the top, right-hand corner -> Envelope Icon -> Send Private Message. ~DC