What's going on with accounts today? Unauthorized charge made and can't even initiate disputes or cancel card?



@FltgirlSome members may be experiencing issues performing certain services on their debit card such as activating a new card or increasing the limit. We are aware of the issue and working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Basic transactions should not be impacted. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.  ~ Suzy

Hello @Fltgirl, we have been informed that the issue has been resolved. So very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. ~ Suzy

So what’s most likely going on is that where you shop, there are these devices called dummy readers that other costumers unbeknownst to the retailer via the PX or AFFIEs aswell as Walmart,Kroger, etc. place upon the card readers and when you insert your card it reads your information and saves it. Most of these devices are small enough to go unnoticed to the naked eye but is ran off of an internal battery and can store up to 150 different cards, so please be very aware of your surroundings and stay finnacially safe, p.s be sure to feel the card readers before simply putting your card in.