What kind of limitations exist to protect my accounts from membership fees I did not authorize?


I joined a membership gym and after a few months realized it was not realistic. The management team told me that since I had signed a year cotnract I was required to either stay on or pay a $100 cancellation fee. I stayed with the company in the event I used the services but planned to not renew my contract. I contacted the gym at the last of my yearly payments and they told me they would not reimburse the $25 "enhancement fee" for the upcoming year which I was not renewing for, and that they required an additional 30 days cancellation notice and would continue to charge me until I signed a cancellation contract in person.


@CBoz, great question!  We protect your account against fraudulent activity. However, I am sending you a private message with further detail.  Please click on your name in the upper right corner and click on the envelope icon to review.