Hello, I was just wondering what the fastest way to deposit cash would be? My wife just got a job as a server and we were thinking just deposit the cash weekly at an ATM and it will begin to roll in like a pay check. Is this pretty much the only way?


I believe that cash deposits made at a USAA ATM are available immediately, but when made using a third-party vendor (e.g. UPS), they are subject to holding. If your wife's employer offers direct depositing, that would be the idea solution.

He said his wife is a server. Their checks are $0. So how could her employer do a direct deposit? She makes cash only. Explain how that is an idea solution? You must not know anything about restaurant lifestyle.
My suggestion is to use her cash for daily purchases and your check for the bills.
Would you want to keep $500+ cash on hand? Be serious.



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The answers by both RCRod83 and Browncat are good. Here are some LINKS which might interest you.


  1. How To Find Local USAA Centers, ATM's or Check Deposit Locations

  2. USAA Direct Deposit Setup

  3. USAA Direct Deposit Pay and Military Pay FAQs

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I searched "deposit cash" Austin Texas. Nothing shows up. According to the website UPS and ATM locations do not take cash.

What are the options? I called the service center and they did the same search as me and were not helpful with solutions. There used to be other credit unions that would allow cross credit union services. Has that service gone away?



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  1. You CAN now make deposits at a USAA "affiliated" ATM in select locations in the U.S.

  2. To find the closest USAA "affiliated" ATM in or near Austin, Texas click here.

    • Important Note: Try these suggestions:

      Leaving I NEED TO field unchanged (with Select a Task showing) and;

      In NEAR field enter "Austin City" instead of just "Austin"

    • For more information about USAA Deposit Taking ATM's click here.

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Hey! Just wondering if you ever figured out how to make deposits. I’m here in Austin Texas also and am trying to find a place to deposit my tips.


Hi @degraffenriedan! I have looked for a deposit accepting ATM in the Austin area, unfortunately, we do not have one close to you at this time. What many members do in situations like this, they convert their cash into a money order then they can deposit into their account utilizing the Deposit@Mobile feature on the USAA mobile app! ~ Samantha