When did USAA get too big?  I remember as a young Lt that USAA was great.  Helpful when moving, great car insurance rates, and great banking.  Over the last 20 years they have added many great services...the app, mobile banking, bill pay etc....

But when did they get too big and forget their roots.  I am now retired and have found the last year or so with USAA being treated like I was dealing with Chase or BofA.  I called recently to ask about an issue with the mobile app and all I got was the rep hiding behind "internet security" as the excuse for everything.  Did not try and help and was rude as sh*t the entire time on the phone.  Not the USAA I remember.  I have recently purchased another home and found USAA's mortgage company is a hot not use them.  The homeowner's insurance rate that was quoted today 7/30/15 was 4 times higher than State Farm.  And if I bundled my car insurance and homeowner's with State Farm they all came out to be MUCH cheaper than USAA.  And State Farm is not some fly by night insurance carrier.  When did this happen?  I have a perfect driving record...USAA use to be the lowest by far!  And the home insurance was shocking.  The last thing I will mention is the customer service at becoming terrible.  It's almost as bad as calling Sprint.  I just got off the phone with the car insurance department and was basically laughed at by the rep for asking a question.  I think it is time to start considering alternatives to banking, credit cards, investments, and insurance.  USAA is unfortunately becoming too big for their britches and losing touch with their roots. 




Thank you for taking the time to comment in the community. I have sent your concerns over to our banking and insurance partners. We hope that we are able to restore your faith in us!

I don't know what happened but agree it has gone DOWNHILL. We have had multiple accounts with USAA for many years and have had a continuing decline in service for several years. It is really disappointing because it was once such great service. Some examples of the decline we have experienced are below. - We contacted USAA about investment advice (after getting flyers in mail) and provided LOTs of additional personal information and never got appropriate feedback - When we call we always have to get transferred to multiple departments to resolve a problem. For example, I traveled and had my credit cards blocked for unrecognized charges. Fine - I understand that for security but for AMEX it was one quick and simple call to resolve. For USAA Mastercard it was almost a half hour process and I had to speak to multiple people. - My husband lost a credit card. When he called to report the loss, the number on the back of my card for lost stolen cards is not the right number. So he was transferred to another department. And the sound is bad because they have noise canceling headsets but it overcompensates when it is quiter and you can't hear them. And they apparently have to close the entire credit account and cancel also my card. That bad service doesn't happen with AMEX. And we have to separately call to re-set overdraft protection on our checking account. Apparently they can't work together between MasterCard dept and banking to set that up. And it takes more than half an hour sitting a long time on hold. - Home insurance rates were better elsewhere. Life insurance rates were better elsewhere. - Bad customer service when I have called with questions about car insurance and what is covered and excluded. Didn't seem to have basic knowledge of how it worked or what would be covered if I had a rental car. Now we dread calling because we always expect bad service. It is really a pain but I think I have about reached a point that we will need to transfer out our accounts. Time to do some research on better alternatives.

Dear Frustrated 2015,

Thank you for your long time membership. We truly appreciate member feedback and appreciate you taking the time to comment here. Your feedback has been shared with our banking, claims and life insurance departments. Thank you.

I agree USAA is no longer the place for service members and veterans. I have had issues with everyone of their services. I remember being told how great it was to have USAA, know I don't fill comfortable recommending them to anyone. Their insurance rates are high and you can find better I a lot to f places. The credit cards say one thing when you apply but then all of a sudden it is not what they said. The mortgage process is horrible and you have to call them or they will not do anything with you stuff, my agent was out for 3 weeks and I did not know till she got back and told me. I had to complain in order for me to be assigned another agent who then told me my paper work was still in the initiation stage after two months. It seems that the only think USAA cares about is a veterans money.

I used to think that USAA was the greatest and have slowly been switching services. The insurance rates continued to go up despite never making a claim. I have found combined insurance through Allstate for significantly less. I have found online SAVINGS accounts with double the interest of my USAA CD's. I just finished completing a transfer of my Roth IRA to Vanguard as a result of my portfolio going -3% last year; how does that happen when everyone else is seeing gains with 95% less expense ratio of USAA mutual funds. I have gone from Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, CD's, Home insurance, Auto insurance, and Investment accounts to now just the checking and CD which will be discontinued as soon as I change my automatic withdrawals and the CD matures. I have found much better options out there. Even the rewards credit card has seen severe decline.

Dissapointed76 and Leaving Soon,


We value the time it has taken you to reach out to us in Community. I have escalated both of your concerns to the appropriate area, and a member services representative will reach out to you directly. Thank you.

I love these copy and pastes from "managers" the same managers managing or not managing all these RUDE A$S employees they have got now, i agree with everyone here, i have had heard nothing but problems from friends and family not to mention my own horror STORIES. I tell all of my buddies who join the armed forces NOT to use usaa,so far i have steered about a dozen people clear of usaa, and 3 months later they have ALL told me that they are glad they lISTENED to me because all their peers were having problems and nothing getting solved, a buddy of mine spc. In the army even called to set up an account and they were so rude he just hung up mid set up, good choice.

Im not happy,

We regret to hear how disappointed you are and would like to look into this matter. Please share more specific information and we can research your concerns.  Thank you.

I'm in the same boat. There was a time (not so long ago) that I would have laughed if someone told me that I would leave USAA after 2 plus decades of membership. Here I am with auto insurance from Progre$$ive, home insurance with Grange.  USAA’s insurance rates are getting ridiculous.  I first tried to get home insurance in Arizona. It came back extremely high. The rep told me, “Sometimes it comes back high like that for various reasons. Try us again later or if you move”. Fast forward two years and we move to Oregon. I give USAA another try… only to be even further out of the realm of consideration. Apparently, I like to live in some really risky areas.

For years my auto rates were slowly raising every six months (I had a teenage daughter on my policy after all) to the point I was paying these ridiculous insurance payments every month. Because of my blind loyalty to USAA, my wife starts a solo journey shopping other insurance companies and opened my eyes. We ended up switch to progre$$ive and saved THOUSANDS of dollars a year.

Window opens for USAA to reclaim us as customers… Our policy with Progre$$ive expires this week and my daughter (who is now 21) is getting her own insurance. The timing is perfect and I want to give USAA another try (Never have I tried so hard to give a single company my hard earned money as I have with USAA).  I did their online quote, but it came back high compared to my renewal with Progre$$ive. Reviewing USAA’s results I see it picked up a minor accident my daughter had in Virginia last year while with Progre$$ive (She is in the navy and lives across the country). It’s incorrectly reporting that my wife had the accident.

So I call. Surely this can be an easy fix and the rate quoted by USAA will come down so I can jump back to them. Long story short, the only “solution” is to have my daughter cancel her reasonably priced insurance with Geico and get her insurance through USAA so they can transfer the accident off of us and on to her. What? I’m not doing that to my princess. Not to mention, somehow during the process, my quote increased by $800. I ended the call and renewed with Progre$$ive (the company that paid the claim) and called my daughter to see how the Navy is treating her and tell her that I’m glad she got a good rate with Geico.

What is happening to USAA?