USAA has me in Bizzaro World the last few months. First I get a Increase to $12,500 then I get a letter saying because my Credit Score is like 737 my limit has been reduced! I have always paid it down and never a late. I have a 6 Figure Salary. Other Credit Unions giving me Generous limits even a 50k Visa. My reduction was down to $500.00! Nobody can tell me why when they look. Now they Held a $450.00 Payment for almost a week when I have paid thousands with never a hold in my History. The Final Straw this evening is I have a 2k Credit that shows now on my account but yet I cant use it! I was told before I could or get the Money Transfered to my Checking. Well now they are saying it would be a Cash Advance! On a Credit owed to me? What is going on at USAA?


@Frustrated FL Member, I'd like to review this with you. Please bear with me I will send you a PM shortly. -Emily