Web support has deleted EIGHT attempts to post about Executive Resolutions and Web Support wrondoing.

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EIGHT times my attempts to document have been deleted by web support. The solution to this problem is to temporarily save the draft document instead of deleting it pending any necessary security protocols. But it should be noted that the banking or financial section has not used this procedure re-inputting one's security pin that are used for the community forum for the deposit of words into a data base, but not the deposit of money into a financial bank.

The solution is simple: Either give a warning that data about to be deleted, or temporarily save the document pending the security re-signin.
They just deleted my editing content of this message for THE SEVENTH TIME, deleting criminal acts by Web Support by hacking into my phones, turning off my security apps, installing malware and preventing one phone from making a network connection, so I cannot now use the phone to make phone calls.
The CEO's office has not required a fix to the above problem because this is a deliberate attempt to block reporting of abuse and wrongdoing. Because research shows that most people who take the time to document a complaint or wrongdoing and it gets deleted, will not take the time to read this and create the complaint. The CEO does not want you to make complaints or about their abusive or dishonest insurance policies and corporate practices, including violations of Elder Abuse and Disabled veterans injured on active duty. And they do not want the outside world to know. So the suppress and censor on line forum .complaints