USAA have bevome normal over 1 HR. USAA answer was from overseas call from a cheaper service.


@BillC2018, this is not what we like to hear from our members. Customer Service is our top priority. Is there anything that I am able to assist you with?

After another 1 hr wait still online waiting. Call has cost me 100 usd. I am done with USAA.

I dont know what changes usaa has made the last few months but calling in has become normal hour waits.
And this for services not avsilable online.

I am sorry to hear that you are still waiting.What are you trying to do? I may be able to help you. -Colleen

International Wire Transfer
You have to call in to do

What i dont understand is if you call at opening time its already 1 hr wait.
I dont understand that at all.

Its Customer Service I think they have forgotten what it means.

I can submit your feedback regarding this @BillC2018. We do have toll free numbers you can use when calling from overseas and also we do have a collect number. If you are needing this please let me know where you are calling from so I can give you this. -Colleen