My account balances went nuts today at noon! Transactions disappeared, a credit for 100.00 for no reason bringing up my balance by the same amount... Also my direct deposit, which WAS there, didnt reflect on my balance at all!! I looked now, to see if it's fixed... And now it's disappeared along with the mystery credit!! I understand things happen, but I think you need to get rid of the clowns that made this monumental screwup! I'm an IT guy.... Need a hand?

It would be nice if you would NOT loose my direct deposit...


Dear Dotnettex,

Thank you for taking the time to post in the community. As you noticed, a planned upgrade this morning did not go as planned. Here is the latest update:


Most members are able to complete card transactions and transfer funds as normal. You may see a delay in the posting of your transactions from earlier today. We will continue to monitor the situation until this is fully resolved for all members. Again, we deeply apologize for your banking experience today.

Anyone else not seeing their deposit?? I'm so upset with usaa with what happened yesterday now my paycheck? Not cool usaa
Not seeing mine either. I am so frustrated...
Same here!! Ugh I like usaa but they are making me want to switch!
They really messed up!!! So many of us are being completely screwed. Nobody knew to prepare for this and some of us don't have cash.. So trying to get gas and having your card declined, then seeing your check hasn't been deposited is complete bull!!
Amen!! I hardly ever have cash on me but had I known about yesterday's mess now with today unsure if we are getting paid I would have taken cash out last week! Ugh I'm seeing some people are slowly getting paid so hopefully we will at some point!

It's not just military checks.  My civilian check (direct deposit) should have hit around 0630-0700.  Something is up.

Usually around midnight my paycheck would posted but it is 2:45 am central time and still hasn't posted. What is the time frame ?
Direct deposit processing starts at 0500central time. At least that's what they just told me on the phone.