Sorry, not going to fill out this W9 form that suddenly showed up in the mail.  I have checked all the information regarding the person on this account (a minor) and it is correct, including the SSN.  For this to come out of the blue like this and asking for information you already have is a bit unnerving.  This is a you problem, not me problem.  And if the IRS is going to withhold tax on $.022, from a minor we have bigger problems.  If needed, I can find the tax on $0.22  under the couch cushions.


Hello @pit0004! To protect its membership and be a compliant company USAA must request an updated tax certification W-9 to ensure tax information is reported correctly to the IRS. USAA wants to make sure it has the most up-to-date tax information. Also, periodically USAA could request an update in the future. - Sarah