Visa chip card not working in Hong Kong for my student either

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My daughter is studying in Hong Kong.  She had her ATM card blocked after sending the new VISA chip card.  This caused quite an inconvenience without money and traveling to other countries for her break.  She is now back and her new chip visa debit is not working in any of the atm's she tried and is again without money.  She just finished a chat session with the banking support and they don't know what is wrong and told her to do a cash advance which also requires getting a pin from USAA which I'm told takes a few days.  By the way the woman on the chat session failed to help her with that.  She will be calling and it appears will get no help but a similar reply that they don't know what is wrong.  USAA FIGURE THIS OUT!  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!


30yearuser - This sounds like a very frustrating experience. Please have your daughter contact us, so we can review the situation and see what options are available. Thanks for letting us know. - Jason

She already contacted customer service and was told to try again that there were no holds on her card so they should work.  As you can see on this forum she is not the only one having a problem so it is not her it is her card.  She had a non chip card which worked just fine till USAA blocked that in order to force her to use the chiped card.  Can USAA reissue a non chip card on her account?  Unless you have any other ideas on how she can get cash from her account.


Note:  It cost me $58 to overnight her the chipped card that doesn't work and another $15 to western union her cash so she could eat.  Hong Kong works on cash.

Thank you for your reply, 30yearuser. I regret to hear of the inconvenience and frustration this has caused. Unfortunately, we do not have the option to go back to a non-chip card. We do want to look into this further with her. She can contact us at 001-800-531-87220, or she can also send us a secure message through our website in the Contact Us section. Also, if she has Facebook or Twitter, she can reach out to us there and we'll be glad to discuss it further with her. Thank you for reaching out. -Meredith

Have had the same issue for several months (since receiving the new cards) on several trips to HK.  At first, my calls got me nowhere, since they couldn't see the "declined" transactions.  Now, at least they acknowledge the problem, but offer no real solutions or way ahead.  Getting my information on the particular ATM didn't seem like a real solution.


Did some digging on the internet, and found the ATM locator for Visa, which might solve the problem.  I'm not in HK now to test, but the locator has a filter so you can select "Chip-Enabled," which narrows down the list of available ATMs considerably.  After filtering, there's only 5 bank companies listed:  

Bank of China (2 ATMs listed),

Dah Sing Bank (49 ATMs listed)

Fubon Bank (20 ATMs listed)

Shanghai Commercial Bank (45 ATMs listed), and

Standard Chartered Bank (6 ATMs listed).


The ATM Locator is at,  or


Don't forget to turn on the "Chip-Enabled" filter.  The web page seems finicky, and likes to uncheck the filter, but if you start in the right location, I think it might work.  Also, not all the banks show up on the map, so you might need to scroll through the list, but should be able to find a couple to try.


Looking forward to seeing if this actually works!


She just called that number and got nowhere with a dismissive customer service representative.  Is there the name of a supervisor she can talk to?  This is beyond frustrating.  USAA needs to recognize the problem in order to fix it.  This issue is beyond all customer service reps.

Dear 30yearuser, 


Your daughter is very welcome to ask for a supervisor. We do not have the name of a specific one that can help her. Thanks. 

I am having the EXACT same problem and it's driving me crazy!

Tim35, we understand how it can be frustrating. I have shared your feedback with the appropriate team. If there is anything we can do to help please all us at 1-800-531-8722. - Janay