Visa Chip Card Not Working with ATMs Overseas


When we had our old USAA Mastercard we never had any issues with any ATM at anytime. Our new Visa Chip cards however do not work with most ATMs in Bahrain with the exception of a handful of Citibank ATMs throughout Bahrain. Gas stations and many small businesses do not take cards, so having some cash on hand is important. When I called USAA, the representative was rude and mentioned they would see it on their end had I attempted to use an ATM as if I didn't have anything better to do than to waste my time calling USAA.  The second representative although very nice did not understand why I couldn't take cash out of a HSBC ATM.  Anyone else overseas having issues with the Visa chip card not working?   I am seriously thinking of changing banks if this can't be resolved.  Trying to find an ATM which works is frustating and I would hate not getting cash out in a pinch.  Is USAA or Visa actively working on resolving this issue?



We appreciate your post.  There was a delay in updating the card network’s software responsible for recognizing our new chip cards. Industry-wide, this has been an issue with kiosks such as the ones located in the European railway station because they don’t transfer information to the card network in real time. We worked with the card network to address the delay, and we have been monitoring transactions to ensure we’re seeing approved card transactions. Thus, your card should work at ATMs overseas. If you experience any issues, please reach out to us immediately.

I am having the same issue with my new card in South Korea. It wil work at the bx but cannot use it anywhere offbase establishments or ATM's. This is a big time inconvenience especially to alot of us that live off base and living on the local economy. Now I have to go to base to pull money out to use off base. The exchange rate onbase is poor so thats another loss. This needs to be rectified immediately.


I understand that you are having issues with your debit card in South Korea, and I can certainly understand the frustration. We are working with Visa to research and resolve these acceptance difficulties in South Korea. To aid us with this goal, I would like to collect some additional information from you. Please look for a message in the secure message center. It should be available under "My Alerts & Actions" within 30 minutes. 

I am having the same problem with my credit card while abroad. I've called many times and noone seems to have a good explaination why my card is not working. Often times, this happens for a few resturants and then improves. How can this be fixed?

member0624, Sorry to hear you are having difficulty using your card abroad. Please send us the name of the merchant as well as any other details of location so we can report this. ~ Lori

I'm having two problems.

The first, and most urgent, is that I cannot get past the second screen at our Embassy's Citibank ATM.  I don't even get to the part where I put in my PIN.  This is a new development in the past two weeks after the card working fine for several months.

The second is that I cannot use the debit card as a debit card in any location in this country.  I haven't tried using it as a credit card; I'm only trying to use it in places that don't accept credit but do accept debit.

cocolocoloco, I regret that you're unable to use your ATM/debit card. We would definitely like to research this matter further. Since this a public forum, I have sent a secured message requesting information about your card and the transaction attempts. To view the message, go to your name on the top right corner on and select "Alerts & Actions." - Ben

Usaa. I am having the same issue in hong kong. My card will not ve recognized here and i cant withdrawl cash which is how the majority of transactions occurr. I had no issues in other countries but it clearly is a usaa problem.

Jeco13, thank you for reaching out and letting us know. I have shared your feedback with the appropriate team. If there is anything else we can help with please call us at 1-800-531-7822.