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Does USAA offer virtual credit card numbers, along the lines of Citi?  I have had bad transactions posted to various cards lately and am looking to add protection.


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Rich Seyfert


I don't believe that have such a service now, but I'd sign up if they would start one.  I'd like to see single use CC numbers and CC numbers that can be assigned to specific payee's.

I too would like this.  I recently had lost a card and been waiting over 3 weeks to have a card expedited to me while I am traveling.  And 3 times (!!!) USAA has mailed the card to an incomplete overseas address using regular mail...  now I am left only to use my debit card for everything the last month. The emergency card sent to me doesn't seem to work either.


Being able to create virtual cards would at least let me do online transactions, as right now most of the monthly billing on online services is getting all denied as they were all linked to the credit account which I cannot reactivate until I receive a new card.  Not so great when traveling abroad and your only ATM is about to expire because they just shipped a chip card to your home.



Good morning, we appreciate your feedback regarding Virtual Credit Cards. We will certainly share your concern with our Member Feedback Department and we apologize for the issues you experienced with your card.

I feel bad for the guy who had problems getting a replacement card, but that doesn't answer the question or theme of this post.  When will USAA start offering single use / virtual credit card numbers?


This is not a new thing and it is a HIGHLY secure method of conducting online business.  Would be a great addition to your already fabulous services.

HappyCustomer64, Thank you for your post. At this time we do not have an expected time frame for when/ if we will be adding one time use/ virtual credit card numbers. Please know that we do take member feedback very seriously and for this reason I have hared your concern with our research teams. Please note, due to the volume of feedback received from members we are unable to notify each member individually if an idea or comment results in a direct change; however again, your concerns and feedback have been shared for consideration in future updates. Thank you ~Michelle

I would also love to see this feature. So much easier than having to cancel/report fradulent transactions if you kill the number after the order goes through with shady/international sellers.

beren - We always seek to improve security measures to protect our members. We appreciate your feedback and I will certainly share your concern with the appropriate area. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation - Tricia

Please add me to the list of users requesting this functionality...

Hi, skydiverscott! Thank you for your feedback. I will ensure to share your comments with our member feedback teams. -Cynthia