I paid off my car that I purchaed through USAA in 2014 and recently had an issue with another vehicle which reminded me that when I paid my car off, I never received the car title.  I called USAA today and was informed the title was sent to my home address.  I asked if it was sent certified mail and the answer was no.  I informed the customer service agent that I never recived the title and he said that in "his system", it indictated that the title was mailed (so basically he called me a liar).  I asked that if they did not send it certified mail, how does USAA know that the title was received.  So now, I have two concerns:  First, who has my title?  If it was sent to me and I didn't get it, who has it?  Kind of scary believing somoene might have my title. Second:  the customer rep keep repeating that USAA would "do me a favor" and mail me a "one-time courtesy" lien release so I can go to the DMV and request a duplicate title which I have to pay for.  I have been a member of USAA for almost 25 years and have never recived such condesending customer service.  Makes you rethink who is working for who here.



I'm about to pay off two cars with them. Hope I don't have those issues. Sholdin't they have released the lean anyways tho? That wasn't a favor, that's doing their job.

They didn't release our leins, and when we tried to sell our car three years after paying it off, it still had the lein from USAA on it at the DMV.



I will surely get this sent over to the bank team in order to help you resolve. A team member will be reaching out to further assist. Thank you for posting in Community.

Maybe you can help me? my loan number is:xxxxxxxx

This loan was paid off over 5 yrs ago and I never received my title either!

I just paid my truck off and got my title in a week! with no problem!

thanks, Jeff

my usaa number:xxxxxxx

Hi popz, I appreciate you reaching out to us. I'm sorry that you haven't received the title for your vehicle. I've forwarded your information to a loan specialist for further handling. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. Also, for your security, I've hidden your account and membership number in your previous post. Thank you. - Ben

Lots of titles are done electronically now.  Call your local DMV to see if you even need the paper title.  I know in Florida you have to jump through hoops to get one if you want a paper title. 

I had a similar awful experience with communicating with USAA customer service on my paid usaa auto loan. 2 different states pcs and registration in current but I spent money online dmv duplicate title and the dmv told me to contact usaa when I got the run around to go
Paid that but had to pay the older state a dmv money order and I hate this circle of a circus because the fact is usaa doesn't have my history of accounts and history. Document expired... I used to like this bank as a #legacymember but now it's a bank of lies.

Hi syolo,


Thank you for reaching out. I have sent over your comment to our bank and will have a representative reach out to address your concerns.

Same problem. Paid off car loan in 2013. Received pay off letter but no Release of Lien. Trying to trade in my car and can't because I was was referred to title my way. I don't want a title, just a Release of Lien faxed to the car dealer.

It is so frustrating.