I need an email address to submit a dispute for a charge that I paid to a company that did not deliver the goods. What is a good email address for that?


@jimbob27, Sorry to hear you need to dispute an item. Fortunately the process is very simple right from our website!

From the transactions area on your credit card account, select the plus sign + next to the date. Select the option to dispute the transaction and answer a few questions. Once your dispute is imitated and received, we will send a letter via USPS notifying you that we have received your dispute. It will give you any additional instructions needed.  Please know that the dispute process can take up to 60 days to resolve.  Thank you for your trust and membership. Have a great evening. ~ Lori 

I am not disputing but caint find any other way To loo at a Visa charge last month to Morrisson Dental my wife Joanne signed.

jmiley - You can view your transactions for your credit card on the Account Summary page. Additionally, it will be listed on your previous month's statement in your online documents. I hope that helps. - Jason