VISA ATM Debit Card not working in Germany and the BENELUX area.


Disclaimer: My card is not blocked, I use travel notifications, and I always have sufficient funds.


What is preventing me from using my VISA debit card for ATM cash withdrawls in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands?


When attempting to withdraw money from ATMs in Europe, both my wife and I receive messages that say "unauthorized transaction" or "service unavailable".  This has caused near emergencies when we needed cash for payment instead of a card.


Occasionally we are able to use the ATMs, but the service has become increasingly unreliable.  This problem started this year, typically we've never had a problem.  The only place we can reliably use ATM machines is on-post, but we live and travel off-post.


Calling card services is never any help.  No one can provide a clear answer.  They check to see if my card is blocked (it isn't), and that is about the extent of their help unfortunately. 



@Rock36, I realize it's important to be able to use your debit card to make purchases as well as ATM withdrawals when needed. The error messages you describe can occur if the network is experiencing an issue or when the wrong transaction type or account type is selected for making the withdrawal. Most international ATMs only offer the option to withdraw funds from a checking account. Please ensure the ATM being used is Visa branded. Some instances also include ATM limits or possible PIN failures. We would need to collect additional data from you to research further. If you are experiencing an issue now please provide us with the last digits of the card affected, transaction date, transaction type, was the magnetic stripe or chip read, merchant/bank name, location of the ATM, and error message if received. This information can be sent by Private Message. Please select the top right hand corner under your user handle for a drop down menu. Select the envelope icon and the next page will give you the option to send a message. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you. - Rhonda

Thank you.  I will begin logging the requested info/data and provide in the future when this happens again.