Using a USAA Bank Account to Buy Crypto Currencies through Coinbase


I have reached my frustration limit with USAA "Support" personnel.  I am hoping that others in the community might be able to help me where USAA's staff have proven incapable.


Coinbase is a website where you can buy/sell cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin).  When buying cryptocurrencies, you are exchanging cash/dollars for say bitcoin.  As such, to make this purchase, the case/dollars have to come from somewhere.  One of the options available is to use a Bank Account.  When you chose this option, USAA is one of the banks that support this type of transaction.  Then you select "USAA" while in the Coinbase website, you are then provided a USAA Log-In.  This log-in is obviously a tool that USAA has built to support such interoperability.  The USAA log-in requests your USAA Username, Pin, and Password.


When I complete this log-in information, and press connect, the tool obviously tries to pass this information to USAA and authenticate the security information with my USAA Account.  At this point, despite the information being correct, the log in fails.


I am trying to find someone in USAA that can explain to me why this is happening.  Perhaps it is because I have additional security enabled on my USAA account.  Perhaps the tool is not working right and they are not aware of it.


I have spoken to no less than 15 different USAA people and have gotten NO WHERE.


Has anyone been successful in using this log-in tool to link your Coinbase account to your USAA Bank Account?



I was able to add a USAA account on my new Coinbase account today. I added a savings account. I have not tried to purchase anything yet.

I am running into the same problem with verifying my login credentials. It keeps saying it is not correct when it is. What do I do to get this overriden.?

I was able to get mine to connect but just received an email from CoinBase saying that USAA cancelled my transactions. I got boned out of ethereum at $600 when it's over $700 now. Not sure how to get them to accept the transactions, but now I need to wait until there's a dip in price.

I was able to connect my usaa savings account and successfully transfer funds to coinbase in Nov(2017). Is it possible that you have some browser plugins restricting your traffic like privacybadger, disconnectme, adblock etc?  i have found those to sometimes restrict my behavior and i forget that they are running. 

I am having the same issues.  I got USAA to add my coinbase wallet (which does litterally no good because I already have programs to do that).


I have tried on different browsers and programs to get it to work but still no luck.  USAA needs to keep up with the times and figure out a function to allow us crypto folks to function on their platform.  Stuff like this makes me want to go back to Wells Fargo.

Right now I am buying crypto by transfering to my old unused Wells fargo account and buying the crypto through that linked account.  It makes it very difficult to take advantage of the market in a timely fashion.


what ever you do don't go back to wells fargo. They banned their employees' from investing on the PROSPER lending platform. I wouldn't doubt that they are going to throw a wrench into the crypto community soon. Discover and Capital One have banned purchasing CRYPT through their platforms. Bank of America and Citi are looking to do the same thing. Any company that denies you access to purchase CRYPT needs to be deleted from your accounts. I'm closing my Capital One card soon. I'm so tired of uneducated people trying to tell me what to do with my hard earned money. Find banks that are friendly to the CRYPT Community, those that aren't, needs to be thrown to the curb. 

I have successfully connected and used my bank account and debit card to  I've known about coinbase since '13 and I only started investing recently with in the past 3 weeks heavily investing in various crypto currency.  You're welcome to join our group for further support and assistnace, Dukes of Vigor: Cryptos on facebook groups.  I'm willing to help you troubleshoot any issues you maybe having to get you up and running successfully.  

I have been purchasing various crypto through Coinbase for quite some time using my "Debit Card" which if I use it anywhere, what I purchase is what is debited from my account. Seems as though USAA see money being lost and they have now started adding some sort of "surcharge" on any transaction that has anything to do with cryptocurreny. 


I can only assume this could be called a "self preservation policy" for them since they are feeling the threat and want that money to stay in the accounts overnight so they can bundle and lend.  However I am fairly certain what they are now doing is against the law. To specifically target one type of transaction (a fully legal transactions) as being subjected to added fees when no extra fees are being incurred by them, they are essentially trying to curb my "free speech" ....   The courts have ruled that where and how you spend your money is in itself an expression of free speech.


I hope you are taking notice USAA. I see what you are doing and I WILL guarantee that getting a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit is not out of the realm of actual possibilities. 


For those not informed on what I am talking about - if you use tyour debit card to puchase $150.00 on any cryptocurrency related site (that goes for mining contracts as well) USAA is charging your account $152.50 or sometimes even more. I have not been able to identify a repeatable percentage being applied. It is as if they are just adding it on at will with no clear guidelines. Then you have the markup that Coinbase adds which further reduces your purchase power.  

I use CoinBase and the only fees I see are CoinBase fees when I submit a purchase.  If anything, we should be negotiating for lower CoinBase fees because USAA invests in CoinBase.  For Instance, I bought $25 in Ethereum, CoinBase tacks on $1.49 charge for a total price of $26.49.


Further, I see the money deducted from my USAA account two or three days before it is credited to my CoinBase account.  This is an issue with CoinBase, not USAA.


I've been a member for over 25 years and without hesitation I can say USAA is the best bank, car insurance, etc., I've ever had.