Bank Customer1


I was recently in China and was disconcerted to find that my USAA ATM card was not accepted at Bank of China nor some other banks over there.  Thankfully, I found that it did work at ABC (Agricultural Bank of China) and at each new city, I would seek one of those out so as to not be without cash.  As you likely know, credit cards are NOT used much in China and foreigners need to use cash since we don't have the China "We Pay" system on our cellphones.

I have an upcoming trip to New Zealand and am wondering if you could let me know which banks my USAA ATM card might work at over there?


Also, does the "six free ATM machine uses per month"  (i.e. refund of any fees associated with withdrawing cash) extend to the use of ATM machines overseas?  Or, just those in the USA?


Thank you very much.

Nancy Manahan


@Bank Customer1, Thank you for the great questions. First I would ask that when ever you experience an issue using the card at an ATM, please provide the name of the bank, date and time of the attempt and any other information such as location so we can get it reported. We do not have a specific list of banks or ATM's that can be used overseas. USAA Bank refunds up to $15 in other banks' ATM usage fees for transactions at ATMs in the United States. I do hope that helps. Safe Travels. ~ Suzy