Our account had fraudulent charges through cashapp, over 2k in charges and our information was stolen. We had nothing to do with the charges, and even when I thought usaa was a stand up bank of course, they proved to me, they will let innocent disabled veterans, be treated wrongly. They are wanting to put the responsibility on us for 2k in charges, when they know it wasn't done on our phones, and the location was somewhere overseas. This has been ongoing for 3 months, I've been ignored, put on hold, and no one wants to fix the problem but transfer the issue around. The agent Maria was rude and told us to deal with it. I've never been treated so wrongly, and really wonder why my bank has not helped resolved a situation, they clearly know we had nothing to do with, or know about. I want someone to help me, call me 469xxxxxxx, I'm on medication 7 days a week, and my meds are 600 alone a month, so why put this burden on us when we're the victims in the situation, how about look into it, you have no one on cashapp that will call you or when you Google a number online they don't speak English, Where is the loyalty, integrity, and consumer satisfaction in your leaders of the bank, if we are allowed to be done any kind of way.


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@URQUHART, I'm sorry to learn that you're a victim of fraud. It sounds like you have been contacting us for months with no resolution, and I'd like to apologize for the unsatisfactory service. I'm sharing your post with a business expert who will thoroughly research the situation. Once the research has been completed, we'll conduct a follow-up with you. ~DC