Updated Credit Card Terms- No longer the lowest of 3% or $75, wiaved fees on cash advance?

Mark D in Tampa

Was jsut reviewing my updated Credit Card terms and conditions and it says under cash advanve - 3% of the amount of each cash advance. Fee waived when transferring funds electronically to a USAA deposit account. Just to clarify, I need to start the Cash Advance from my checking account on line to get the fee waived correct, using a convenience check and mobile deposit into a USAA account will not waive the fees.


I just want ot be clear on this as in the past when I got special offers from USAA for reduced APR for 12-18 months I would fill out the check and deposit via Mobile and usually got the $75 fee. If I instead request a advance through the website am I correct in understanding that the fee will be $0?


Also just curious if USAA intends to continue sending out the Promotional APR's I have about 6 months left on mine but its been great getting them, I hope they continue to do them!


Mark D in Tampa - We definitely have no plans to end promotional offers to our members. Regarding the Cash Advance Fee, when you initiate a cash advance from your USAA credit card to a USAA deposit account(checking or savings) via our website or mobile app the fee is waived. The fee waiver would not apply by depositing a cash advance check via Deposit@Mobile. Keep in mind that interest on cash advances starts accruing the same day and the grace period for purchases to a credit card would not apply to these transactions. I hope this information is helpful. - Jason