Frustrated Mthly

Is anyone else having the issue of a Non-USAA Bill Pay account NOT being updated by USAA on a monthly basis?


I'm still having a MAJOR issue with USAA not properly updating my monthly Bill Pay payments to my 2016 Toyota Highlander account from Toyota Financial. It's COMPLETELY wrong now after just updating it within the last 30 minutes. This continues to occur month after month. I attempted to take care of it 6 months ago with the runaround and nothing getting done. My account at Toyota is ALWAYS accurate & updated after every payment. Every single month I have to go into that USAA account and update. Most of the time is doesn't update. It now shows $114.32 after just updating it when the account balance is actually $14,170. The same thing occurs with my Non-USAA mortgage acct. It's ALWAYS the NON-USAA accounts that this occurs with.




@Frustrated Mthly, I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. I understand the importance of this. I will have your situation forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Sam 

Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated! I did have a Ticket number from the last time I brought this to USAA's attention without it being resolved. I believe it was Website Support that gave me [removed sensitive data]. I got so frustrated that I just stopped calling to try and get it fixed.