Unresolved debts-Restricted account-In consolidation

Been a member with USAA for more than 6 years. Went through hades in a hand basket last year. I was kicked out of my family's home just before I was supposed to move out of state for school at UW-Bothell. I ended up homeless and living out of a hotel. I took out three credit cards with USAA last year just to survive and avoid sleeping on the street. I was homeless for nearly 4 months until I eventually was able to get help and not be homeless anymore. I have even been able to continue with school and started my own freelance business in the midst of all of this. I am still no where close to fully resolving my debts but am in consolidations. The problem then became that I didn't make enough to payback on the cards. I am in consolidations now but am looking at-at least three years before I can resolve all of it. My account has been restricted and essentially frozen in time. I don't even have access to basic and essential money management tools to keep on top of what little I actually have. Tried communicated with USAA to no effect and got told to write a complaint. Only thing is that the complaint won't actually sol e anything. Outside of giving me a place to vent. I am starting to look at other banks so I won't have to deal with this and can just move on but, I would prefer not to have to leave USAA. I love them as a bank and all of their services. I just don't think it's fair to be punished for something that has been largely out of my control and wasn't even my fault to begin with. I am only human and am doing what I have to do to survive. Is anybody else going trough this? What solution did you come too? Is there a way around the restriction? Please help! Thank you!


And just to clarify-last year I had a 705 credit score at the age of 23 before I took out those cards. Now at 25 it's 511. I am also out under restrictions just trying to transfer my money from another account I have. They out my money on hold for nearly 5 days just to see I am worthy enough to have access to my money. Somebody, please do something about this. Talk about ridiculous.



We understand this matter is important to you. According to our records, you had a conversation with a Subject Matter Expert on 07/22/2016. This individual is your bank point of contact regarding this matter. If you wish to discuss your concerns further, please reach out to your bank point of contact.

So did the young struggling student get chewed up and spit out from the USAA umbrella?