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Unblock my credit card while deployed the button on the app will not work and I don’t have a phone to call.


I can think of two possible options:
1) If your FOB has access to SKYPE call USAA @ 877-233-7569 (877-2DEPLOY)
2) Skip the app and open an internet window on your mobile and log into the .com site and unblock your cc there
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When searching Unblock Credit Card, 900+ hits pop up - none of which seem to give instructions on how to actually unblock a credit card.  On the mobile app, there's a menu item to Unblock a Credit Card.  However, the Credit Card I initially Blocked is no longer visible in the window in order to Unblock it.  Decided to call and seek help from a live person, and hold times are being quoted as 18 minutes.  :(  

@NFCUfan, Sorry to hear of the long hold times. We have chat available 24/7. It sounds like you went to the correct place on the app. I would suggest a private chat to look further into that situation. ~ Suzy 


To initiate a secure online chat with our 24/7 chat team, select ASK USAA or Reach a Representative near the top of your account page. Or select Chat from the Contact Us options under HELP tab.

@NFCUfan, I will be forwarding your feedback about the 900+ hits on the search. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. ~ Suzy