Unable to modify automatic payment a day in advance and still in pending status?????


Unable to modify automatic payment a day in advance and showing pending????? Message says I need to modify 4 days before payment when the USAA bill pay  policy states it can be modified in "pending" status up until 11:59 on the day of payment...what the heck?  I was able to CHAT w a representative with whom after what seemed like forever of him trying to find out how my day was and telling me 4 times how he really wanted to help and thank you for my patience finally told me that I could not modify and that I needed to do so 4 days in advance.  At first I was ok with not being able to modify this months automatic payment and told him I would wait a few days and go in and modify but that I was planning to pay an additional 50 on my loan payment every month and I wanted to make sure it would go to principle.  Finally and after being disconnected from the Chat session I decided to read up on all of the bill pay policies and that is when we became upset.  Its not that big a deal but I should have been able to modify the pending payment that doesnt actually finalize until tomorrow night.  Furthermore why is there a message when I open the payment for modification that I could only change/modify or cancel 4 days in advance.  That is not what the policy states and I was merely trying to pay more each month in an effort to pay off the loan early.  Very frustrating!  


All too often over the past year or so my wife and I find when we call or email or chat w a representative for whatever reason they spend way too much time at the beginning of the conversation with small talk and overselling themselves with comments of how much they want to help us yet more often than not are not very knowledgeable and are merely looking at the same screens that we just spent much time being frustrated about.  It gives one a feeling of frustration.  Maybe reps should get a different type of training and actually be required to have some common sense and if they don't know the answer, find someone who does......especially when we continued to ask to speak to a supervisor, but we never did speak w one.  There is nothing worse than to explain to someone what you are trying to do and explain that there seems to be a problem modifying and we would like to change future payments with additional money only to feel like everything we said went in one ear and out the other when he came back and said "Im sorry but you have to modify payments 4 days in advance"  "the system wont let us change"    "DUH"  haven't you been listening......  Very frustrating!  




Thank you for sharing your concerns with us today @B1Bob, I'd like to review this with you and share your feedback. Can you please PM with details on what type of bill you were trying to pay? Thank you in advance. -Emily

Hello Emily,

Pam McClure here!  We have a personal loan and we set up auto payments.  I want to try to pay it off earlier so I am going to add 50 a month to the principle.    I was surprised I couldnt modify payment yesterday and thats ok as long as I can modify it going forward.  Thanks for responding.


Pam McClure


I appreciate these additional details Pam, I was able to locate your profile. I will share your concerns with a subject matter expert for review. Once reviewed they will contact you. Thank you. -Emily

Hello and thank you for allowing us to review your concern. Once an automatic payment is within 4 days of your due, unfortunately you would not be able to modify the automatic payment. That being said, if your goal is to payoff the loan sooner by making $50 principal payments, those can be scheduled at anytime regardless of your due date. To do so please go to Pay Bills> select your Personal Loan> select the Payment Option labeled Principal Balance Only. Please note that the Principal Balance Only payments do not satisfy your regular minimum payment that is due each month. If you have account specific questions I can assist you further via a secure chat. If you would like us to forward the chat link to you please send your request via a Private Message by clicking your username on the top right-hand-corner of the Member Community page> then select the envelope icon > next select Send a Message. Thank you!