I am in a industry that pays Cash. In a major city in Texas and there isn't even a ATM that takes cash. I have no way to deposit cash into my account unless I drive a hours....


BriTheCheez,  Thanks for your post. We can understand the frustration with no ATM location near you.  You have an option of converting the funds into a money order and using the Deposit@Home feature to deposit your funds. Also, if you happen to have a local bank you use, you may register with Zelle to send funds instantly between your banks ( Funds Transfer does this as well).  We hope this is helpful to help with depositing your funds.  ~Jen

Money orders cost money and time. Creating a local account costs more money and time.


I work 2 jobs about 70 hours a week and thats not allowing me to have time to go through that whole process. 


If I live on or near a base why don't you have ATMs there that would take a deposit? Why not work with a national bank so that we have a way to deposit cash? 


I shouldn't have to work so hard and then struggle to get my cash money into the bank.

unlimited, We can understand your concerns regarding ATM's. We recommend to check our locator as new ATM's are frequently added.  In addition, your feedback is greatly appreciated and it will be forwarded for review.  Thank you, Jen

You can get a money order and deposit the money order on the mobile site.
Not sure if you have an Amscot near you, they have free money orders. USAA has hardly an ATM's, which I believe is why they refund service fees from all other ATM's. If you're a cash person, USAA isn't the right bank for you.