Finally fed up

I have been a member of USAA for 50+ years and have watched it decline from a very friendly - military officer only - automobile insurance company to a burreaucratic finincial empire that embraces expansion and profts over any consideration for what it terms as it's "members".  A recent experience with a fraudulent charge on a credit card has finally soured me forever on USAA.  Unfortunately, I have so much invested in them that, at my age, it would be a worse nightmare to transfer everything.  I will never, however again recommend USAA to my friends an family.


Finally fed up - I understand the seriousness of the situation.We would hate to lose your business, but appreciate the feedback. In reviewing your information, I see it is being addressed by the appropriate team. Someone will contact with more information or when the situation is resolved. Thanks for speaking up today. - Jason

I hope you get better results then I did

I'm sorry to read your post but can certainly relate.  I have been with USAA for almost 25 years and have seen a huge decline.  It is a hassle to switch things but I feel it is worth it to be valued and respected as a customer.  I am simply taking one item at a time and switching to a better company.  All the best. 

My sentiments exactly. I have been a member since 1960 and can tell wonderful stories about the old USAA but like you, if I could leave easily, i would be gone tomorrow.

@Finally fed up, first, I would like to thank you for your membership. Second, I would like to provide any assistance available. Can you share with me has happened to make you feel this way? ~ Sam 

I have been a member since 1969 and I have seen no fall-off in services. Your comments make no sense whatsoever.

@RDEZFRCYFPVKWGF, thank you for your longtime membership of 50 plus years with USAA.   #USAA4Life  ~Marco

I have to agree with the original post. I've been a USAA member since 1966. Customer service was always their top priority. But over the last several years customer service has gone to H***-in-a-handbasket. Just this morning, I tried to get an explanation of why a checking account payment (for USAA flood insurance) that I scheduled for 15 June cleared the bank on 29 May. After two phone cut-offs, and being bounced around between several people, I still could not get an answer. After over an hour on the phone, I gave up. I guess they have become just like any other bank/insurance company. They just can't be trusted. It's a real shame.

@Skipper 6, This is really disappointing to hear. We will review your situation further. I was able to locate your USAA profile and will forward your information to a subject matter expert. We will follow up with you. - Ben