USAA say ATM card info compromised by third party vendor. I need to know which one!

Looking for help!

Received notification that my USAA debit card info was compromised by a third party vendor.  I need to know which vendor(s) so I don't do business with them anymore.  Spoke with Michael from the ATM/Credit card team and Gina from the Executive Resolution Team.  All I got was readings from the script and no help.  Who do I need to work with to obtain the information that I need as a consumer to protect myself?  If there needs to be an exception to policy then who can approve that exception?  Without resolution then perhaps its USA that I need to stop doing business with.  Would be a shame after 32 yrs,


@looking for help!,  I understand your frustration and I am forwarding your concerns to a Bank specialist for review. Thank you   ~Tom